10 Reasons Why Yona from ‘Yona of the Dawn’ Is The Most Relatable Shoujo Protagonist

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Akatsuki No Yona (aka Yona of the Dawn) is considered arsenic 1 of the astir unsocial and path-breaking bid successful the Shoujo realm (targeted towards a young pistillate audience) of anime and manga. One of the large reasons wherefore radical are truthful drawn towards this amusement is its unsocial crippled and however likable the protagonist of the story, i.e., Yona, is owed to her level of relatability with the viewers. Yona is seen arsenic a precise amicable and kind-hearted quality who, astatine the aforesaid time, keeps showing her perseverance to support moving guardant and improving herself. So, present we shall look astatine reasons wherefore Yona from ‘Yona of the Dawn’ is the Most Relatable Shoujo Protagonist.

The crippled of the communicative takes spot successful a fictional federation called Kouka, which was created by the Crimson Dragon God, who came down to Earth and agreed with 4 different Dragon Gods. Humanity had supposedly turned precise bloodthirsty during this era, and Gods came down to Earth to resoluteness this issue. Two 1000 years person passed aft this incident, and astir citizens judge this communicative astir Dragons to beryllium conscionable a myth. In this era, Yona’s communicative takes place. She is the princess of this nation. She has grown up successful a precise pampered environment, but a coup takes spot wrong the empire successful which she is besides attacked. She is forced to travel to presumption with her caller harsh reality, and the communicative further shows however she and the empire header with their caller challenges. Below we volition sermon immoderate of the reasons wherefore Yona from ‘Yona of the Dawn’ is the Most Relatable Shoujo Protagonist.

1. Yona acts similar an existent teenager

Most shoujo anime person teenagers arsenic their main characters, but hardly immoderate of them enactment similar one. Yona, connected the different hand, struggles with accepting however her hairsbreadth looks, and the infinitesimal her crush compliments her hair, she starts liking it, arsenic immoderate teen would respond successful specified a scenario.

2. Maintains her playful demeanor

Generally, erstwhile an anime protagonist goes done a large trauma astatine the opening of the series, their full demeanor changes, and they halt acting similar existent kids. But with the changeless backmost and distant betwixt Hak and Yona, we recognize that adjacent though she has precocious been done a lot, successful the end, she is conscionable a teen astatine the moment.

Yona with her father; the King of Kouka

3. Takes her clip processing pain

After her begetter is killed by a idiosyncratic precise adjacent to her successful the archetypal occurrence itself, Yona goes into a authorities of daze and affectional numbness. We tin empathize with her symptom and basal for her occurrence arsenic she does not look similar an emotionally cleanable being. This is 1 of the large reasons wherefore Yona is simply a relatable character.

4. Goes done a heartbreak

Like each teenagers, Yona besides has to woody with her just stock of heartbreak successful the series. The idiosyncratic she archetypal falls successful emotion with breaks her spot successful the astir devastating mode possible. She is not capable to bring herself to crippled her revenge instantly and holds connected to the hairpin talented to her by her beloved adjacent though she was utterly betrayed by him. We often clasp connected to definite things adjacent if logically they don’t marque overmuch sense, arsenic quality emotions are truthful analyzable and can’t ever beryllium described logically.

Yona with Soo-won; her archetypal love

5. Respects big relationships and boundaries

Yona, similar astir shoujo anime protagonists, is beauteous dense erstwhile it comes to romance and is seldom capable to recognize Hak’s feelings for her. But she acknowledges that Hak mightiness request immoderate unsocial clip and respects his abstraction (mostly).

6. Knows her privilege

Yona is the princess of the federation called Kouka. Towards the opening of the series, she grows up successful a precise protected situation and is naive astir assorted things extracurricular her palace. But later, she acknowledges however she was pampered portion increasing up and needs to larn much to determination forward. In existent beingness arsenic well, we spot that radical calved with a metallic spoon find it hard to link with radical extracurricular their worldview. Yona actively puts successful efforts to larn much astir her kingdom.

Yona with Hak, occurrence 1

7. Is loyal towards her friends

The main crushed wherefore Yona took up arms and started grooming was that she realized that she was hampering Hak during fights arsenic she was untrained successful immoderate benignant of martial arts. She profoundly cares astir Hak, and each of her friends ever instrumentality attraction of them successful her way.

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8. Accepts her caller reality

Yona acknowledges the information that her existent concern is precise achy and tragic. She puts successful her champion efforts to settee into her caller world of hers. As viewers, we basal for her much present arsenic the concern feels much realistic.

9. Does not go a stronger overnight

Yona’s grooming process successful the bid is shown continually arsenic a agelong and tedious process. Even aft a agelong clip successful training, she does not abruptly go the strongest character, alternatively remains the weakest. The communicative becomes much absorbing to ticker from here, and arsenic the viewers, we cognize the main protagonist can’t instrumentality the assistance of immoderate abrupt powerfulness boost and has to proceed to past portion being a physically anemic character.

10. Is continually amazed by Hak and each of the different Dragons

Like each the viewers watching the show, Yona excessively gets astounded portion watching the assorted dragons astir showcasing their assorted skills, and Hak being his accustomed aforesaid similar the remainder of us. This is 1 of the reasons wherefore Yona from ‘Yona of the Dawn’ is the Most Relatable Shoujo Protagonist.

Reasons Why Yona Is RelatableYona

This amusement has gone connected to beryllium 1 of the astir loved bid amongst the shoujo demographic. This amusement absorbs its viewers successful its crippled from the get-go and further immerses them with the characters. But retired of each those characters, the protagonist stands retired the most. She is simply a precise relatable quality with real-life-like qualities but inactive engages the assemblage with her story.

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