3 Anime Like The Witcher - Fantasy, Monsters, and Swords

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The-Witcher-Wallpaper-700x464 3 Anime Like The Witcher -  Fantasy, Monsters, and Swords

The Witcher has exploded successful popularity implicit the past 2 years, with the caller Netflix bid bringing to beingness the morbid satellite of Andrzej Sapkowski’s books. A satellite filled with monsters, humans with questionable morals that marque them look similar monsters, and the titular monster slayers. Following the Witcher Geralt connected his travel to prevention the satellite from beasts, politics, and mages, creating a bloodbath connected the mode has proven fashionable capable for a 2nd play to onshore successful December 2021, with Netflix committing to a seven-season program with spin-offs galore.

Given The Witcher’s maturation successful popularity, we thought we would instrumentality a look astatine immoderate anime recommendations to assistance capable the monster bloodbath-shaped spread portion we hold for much of Henry Cavill’s (Geralt) treble sworded choreography.

The-Witcher-Wallpaper-700x464 3 Anime Like The Witcher -  Fantasy, Monsters, and Swords

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2016 - December 2016

Drifters is simply a bloodbath of an anime seeing humanities figures transported to a unusual level of beingness populated with monsters, bandits, and an evil empire seeking domination of the continent astatine the disbursal of elves and demihumans reminiscent of The Witcher’s Nilfgard.

A convulsive anime, Drifters, volition besides captivate fans of The Witcher with the governmental scheming and machinations arsenic they signifier antithetic alliances to past successful a caller satellite oregon summation newfound power. Drifters is definite to scratch the itch of quality underhandedness and questionable morals near by The Witcher.

The-Witcher-Wallpaper-700x464 3 Anime Like The Witcher -  Fantasy, Monsters, and Swords

  • Episodes: 4
  • Aired: July 2017

Steeped successful Eastern European mythology of vampires, governmental plots, and a household of certified hunters, determination is simply a batch to bask successful Castlevania for fans of The Witcher. Much similar the 3 main characters of The Witcher, Castlevania follows vampire huntsman Trevor Belmont, the witch Sypha Belnades, and Alucard, the lad of Dracula.
The 3 embark connected antithetic journeys to look against the evils of vampire-infested medieval Europe, with their paths crossing successful struggle and teamwork.

Morbidity follows each the quality inhabitants of Castlevania’s depiction of medieval times, but sparkles travel our main formed arsenic they amusement flashes of brilliance against mythical humanities figures similar Dracula Vlad Tepes. Much similar The Witcher, our starring trio offers interactions that support the assemblage wanting more, particularly the chemistry betwixt Trevor Belmont and Alucard emulating Geralt and Jaskier’s tomfoolery.

The-Witcher-Wallpaper-700x464 3 Anime Like The Witcher -  Fantasy, Monsters, and Swords

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: April 2007 - September 2007

A young pistillate with enhanced powers done supernatural means, destined to hunt monsters and support humanity. If this tagline unsocial doesn’t drawback the eyes of Witcher fans, past thing will. Clare, our superhuman with cat-like eyes besides swings a claymore against supernatural “youma” demons, overmuch similar Geralt does passim The Witcher.

Fans of Ciri successful The Witcher bid volition bask Clare’s quality arsenic we research her relation arsenic a Claymore, warring beasts and struggling to navigate a satellite that distrusts those who prevention radical from apparitions. Sword swinging, humor pouring, and eyes gleaming, Claymore is the closest anime has travel to The Witcher bid frankincense far.

Final Thoughts

The Witcher has grown successful popularity rapidly since the merchandise of the Netflix series, and it is lone a substance of clip until we get much adaptations astir monster slaying. Netflix has released Nightmare of the Wolf, a Witcher anime movie, and has announced an animated bid to travel successful the future, but we anticipation our recommendations support you going until then! Have you watched immoderate anime similar The Witcher? What are your recommendations? Let america cognize successful the comments!

by Lewis Williamson

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