5 Anime Characters Who We’d Invite to the Holiday Party

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5 Anime Characters Who We’d Invite to the Holiday Party

by Brianna Fox-Priest November 24, 2021

With the vacation play officially upon us, we couldn’t assistance but imagination up who’d we ideally privation astatine our vacation parties and dinners. And with that successful mind, who amended than immoderate of our favourite anime characters. We emotion you fam and friends, but sometimes imagining anime characters sat astir the array is simply a amusive mode to get done the holidays. 

Of course, not conscionable immoderate quality volition get an invitation — we lone person so many seats escaped astatine the table. We thoughtfully considered who would bring the champion dishes and desserts, entertainment, and a dose of playful drama. Because what’s a vacation enactment without a small spot of drama?

Here are the anime characters who would marque it connected the invitee database to our adjacent vacation party.


Naruto is simply a must-invite character. Whether you emotion him oregon hatred him, helium definite knows however to speech with immoderate and everyone acknowledgment to his boisterous personality. This fox-boy has a bosom of golden and volition decidedly airy up immoderate country helium enters. Just don’t notation helium who indispensable not beryllium named. Sasuke. It’s Sasuke.   

Not lone volition helium lighten the mood, but helium besides volition bring a upland of Ichiraku ramen. And thing sounds amended than a hot, savory vessel of Konoha’s celebrated ramen.

Tohru and the Soma Family

When it comes to household play the Soma household of Fruits Basket has plentifulness to spell around, but that doesn’t mean they can’t travel to the party. We tin number connected the zodiac members to bring plentifulness of absorbing and heated conversations, but we emotion them for it. There’s nary committedness that immoderate warring won’t hap particularly betwixt Yuki, the rat, and Kyo, the cat. But of course, Tohru volition beryllium determination to assistance creaseless things over. 

Plus, I truly privation to person an onigiri-making enactment with the Somas. Will it necessitate a batch of rice? Yes, but it’s the cleanable household bonding enactment if you inquire us. 

Inuzuka-san, Tsumugi, and Kotori

They whitethorn beryllium novice cooks but Inuzuka-san and Kotori from Sweetness & Lightning person brushed up their room skills with each passing time and would marque the cleanable duo to navigator up immoderate delicious vacation dishes. Of course, saccharine Tsumugi volition beryllium determination to supervise! 

From miso crockery to gyoza to doughnuts, there’s not overmuch these 3 can’t fig retired however to make.


Everyone’s favourite raging reddish panda deserves a peculiar spot astatine our table. Retsuko whitethorn look cute and cuddly connected the outside, but her angst tin get the champion of her. Hey, we wholly get it! The holidays tin marque for immoderate stressful moments. As agelong arsenic she could bring a karaoke set, Retsuko would astir apt happily join. 

After things settle, the existent Retsuko volition marque an quality and sing metallic euphony to her heart’s content. Maybe she’ll adjacent walk america the mic to springiness screamo karaoke a try, which sounds similar a pastime I’d similar to instrumentality successful my ain gatherings.

Miyamura and Hori

If you don’t consciousness similar baking your ain desserts, anime’s astir lovable mates from Horimiya, Miyamura and Hori has got you covered. Luckily Miyamura’s parents ain a bakery celebrated for its cakes. And honestly, determination is nary amended mode to extremity the evening than with a saccharine portion of barroom surrounded by your favourite anime characters. 

What bash you deliberation of our database of invitees? If you could situation yourself with anime characters astatine your adjacent vacation party, who has a spot reserved astatine your table?

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