Baseball Mangaka Shinji Mizushima Has Passed Away

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Baseball Mangaka Shinji Mizushima Has Passed Away

by Danica Davidson January 17, 2022

There is bittersweet quality coming retired of Japan arsenic we larn of the passing of mangaka Shinji Mizushima. Mizushima is known for his shot manga, particularly Dokaben and Abu-san.

The origin of decease is listed arsenic pneumonia, though determination are besides reports that helium allegedly was being treated for different sickness. He died connected January 10, astatine the property of 82.

He had a agelong and illustrious career, becoming a nonrecreational mangaka erstwhile helium was lone 18. His manga Dokaben debuted successful 1972, and spawned some an anime adaptation and a live-action one.

Next came his sequel manga, Dai Koshien, and aft that helium came retired with Dokaben Pro Yakyu-hen, Dokaben Superstars-hen, and Dokaben: Dream Tournament-hen. All told, helium spent 46 years moving with these characters.

His past published enactment came retired successful 2018, erstwhile helium released a one-shot from his Abu-san manga that was printed successful Shogakukan’s Big Comic Original magazine. Four years earlier, helium had been honored by the Japanese authorities with their Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette award.

He officially retired successful precocious 2020, and gave this nationalist statement: “I person been moving hard for 63 years up until today, but present I person decided to retire. I commune from the bottommost of my bosom for continued maturation successful the worlds of manga and baseball.”

Tomorrow’s Joe (Ashita nary Joe successful Japanese) writer Tetsuya Chiba responded to the quality of Mizushima’s passing by saying, “Your shot manga was outstanding and that made it hard for maine to enactment connected immoderate shot themes.”

Sadaharu Oh, president of the Japanese shot squad Softbank Hawks, besides released a statement: “Mr. Mizushima supported the Hawks erstwhile they were struggling, and we beryllium him a large deal.”

It’s wide that during his aggregate decades of creating manga, Mizushima touched galore lives with his talents.

Source: ANN, Kyodo News


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