Best Short Anime To Binge Watch

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Best Short Anime To Binge WatchBest Short Anime To Binge Watch

Anime is simply a spot absorbing erstwhile you person a database of anime you tin binge successful a abbreviated time. Then you tin ticker an full anime play successful a day, and arsenic action-packed arsenic it gets, past it doesn’t permission you hanging and waiting for the adjacent occurrence similar those long-running anime does. So we volition beryllium looking astatine the champion abbreviated anime to binge-watch. They person tons of action, and astir radical volition find them interesting, truthful we person binge-worthy recommendations. The champion abbreviated anime to binge-watch are besides the astir absorbing happening ever. 

This means that we volition besides look astatine what are the champion anime with lone 12 episodes. What anime has the shortest episodes that you tin spell and watch? This tin marque 1 large extended database due to the fact that determination are galore anime retired there, truthful it tin beryllium hard to fig retired what is the champion shortest anime to watch. Looking done each the suggestions, we person the pursuing anime you should see for your Best Short Anime To Binge Watch list.

Prison School: 12 Episodes 

Prison School anime is astir Hachimitsu Academy, and arsenic 1 of the strictest girls’ academies successful Tokyo, it has decided to admit boys into its system. Kiyoshi Fujino is amongst the accepted boys, but helium discovers that unneurotic with his 4 friends, they are the lone antheral students among 1000 girls. The laws inactive successful spot astatine the schoolhouse are adjacent worse arsenic they punish adjacent the astir insignificant infractions with a commencement successful the school’s prison. As the boys perpetrate voyeurism successful this school’s bathing country with the lecherous doctrine of “all for one, 1 for all.” 

Best Short Anime To Binge WatchPrison School

Prison School anime has 12 episodes and 1 OVA and ran from October to December 2015. So it is 1 of the champion abbreviated anime that you tin commencement and decorativeness successful conscionable 1 day. The underground pupil council’s seizure and apprehension of Kiyoshi and Fujino caused 5 boys to beryllium fixed an ultimatum. They either person to enactment a period successful the situation artifact oregon get expelled. They are past incarcerated successful the situation artifact together. Kiyosi is overwhelmed by the find that the different boys are masochists who revel successful the punishments handed to them by their charismatic vicious supervisors.

Charlotte: 12 Episodes

It is different 1 of the shortest anime you tin try, and it has an absorbing inheritance arsenic well. Most abbreviated anime has 12 episodes oregon less, and immoderate could adjacent spell to lone 5 episodes, arsenic we person seen from anime similar Gukoshufudou. Charlotte anime made its debut successful July up until September 2015. It follows the communicative of 4 students successful an alternate world based connected Hoshinoumi Academy, which was founded to support children who developed peculiar abilities during puberty. They besides hunt for and support others similar them each implicit Japan. 


The students successful the hunt squad see Yu Otosaka, who has the powerfulness to power different people, but the quality lasts for lone 5 seconds, and helium has to straight look astatine his people for his powers to instrumentality effect. Nao Tomori is besides amongst them and has the powerfulness to go invisible to lone 1 person. She chooses to person others to perceive to her. Then Jojiro Takajo has the powerfulness to determination precise fast, and it could beryllium mistaken for teleportation. Yusa Nishimori is usually possessed by her precocious sister, who is deceased owed to her quality arsenic a medium. 

Darwin’s Game: 11 Episodes

Darwin’s crippled anime rapidly became a fashionable anime arsenic it was absorbing and afloat met each the requirements of modern-day anime. This makes Darwin’s Game 1 of the champion abbreviated anime you tin ticker and decorativeness quickly. Darwin’s Game has 11 episodes and made its debut successful January until March 2020. It is astir a 17-year-old precocious schoolhouse lad Kaname Sudo who is successful his sophomore twelvemonth and has accepted an online invitation by his person to play an app crippled called Darwin’s Game. 

Darwin's GameDarwin’s Game

Unbeknownst to him, the crippled involves a combat betwixt beingness and death. Those who are progressive successful the crippled are fixed a Sigil. An quality that differs from subordinate to subordinate and arsenic helium is trapped successful this crippled of relentless conquest and murder. Sude is determined to wide the crippled and question retired the crippled maestro to termination him. It took a agelong since we had the debut play of  Darwin’s crippled and based connected the popularity that it has received. Most fans thought that we would get a 2nd play soon, but present it has been implicit 2 years arsenic the hold for Darwin’s Game Season 2 continues. 

Death Parade: 12 Episodes

If you are looking for the champion abbreviated anime to watch, past Death Parade is 1 of the anime you tin cheque out. Death Parade anime made its debut successful January 2015 and ran until March of the aforesaid year. The anime follows the communicative of Decim, the lone bartender of the barroom who received corps astatine the aforesaid clip of death. It is known arsenic the Quindecim bar, and Decim has been moving with his friend. 

Death ParadeDeath Parade

In Death Parade anime, whenever idiosyncratic dies, they are sent to 1 of galore mysterious bars tally by bartenders who service arsenic judges wrong a operation successful the afterlife. While there, they are to vie successful decease games with their souls connected the line. The effect of their games has revealed the secrets that person led them to their concern and determined their destiny afterward. The arbiter judges if their souls volition beryllium sent for reincarnation oregon banished into the void. 

Elfen Lied: 13 Episodes

Elfen Lied is 1 of the classical anime that gained popularity during its time. To date, it is inactive a bully anime to ticker and is not that agelong arsenic you tin ticker it and decorativeness wrong a day. Elfen Lied anime has 13 episodes and 1 OVA, truthful it debuted successful July 2004 and ran until October. Elfen’s lied crippled revolves astir the interactions, views, emotions, and favoritism betwixt humans and Diclonius, a mutant taxon akin to humans successful appearance. 

Elfen LiedElfen Lied

Diclonius are besides distinguishable by their 2 feline ear-like horns and transparent arms, which tin spell done immoderate entity astatine precocious speed. A teenage Diclonius miss named Lucy is said to beryllium the archetypal Diclonius, but arsenic humans cull her, she starts a murderous vengeance connected them. While she is engaged with these slaughters, she besides created slipelits, girls who are calved similar her, arsenic she means to dispersed their mutation and displace the quality contention worldwide. Elfen Lied anime is besides 1 of the champion abbreviated anime that you mightiness privation to consider. 

Plastic Neesan: 12 Episodes

Plastic Neesan anime has 12 episodes, and it made its debut successful May 2011 and ran until July 2012. It is astir a precocious schoolhouse pupil known arsenic Genma, often called “Elder Sister,” adjacent though she is short. Genma became the president of her precocious schoolhouse exemplary nine and is dedicated to gathering integrative models of assorted objects similar boats, cars, and adjacent robots. 

Plastic NeesanPlastic Neesan

She works unneurotic with her 2 underclassmen, and Hozuki is the convulsive 1 amongst them. Alongside them are Kamoto and the rational Sakamaki. This tiny radical aims to transportation retired their nine duties but is often sidelined by antithetic distractions, including battles betwixt nine members and lessons astir however 1 tin confess to their crush. The 3 of them got caught successful wacky and downright outrageous situations.

Watamote: No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Unpopular

Watamote anime is 1 of the aboriginal anime considering the epoch that modern anime has taken. In the day, anime names were elemental and would not person longer sentences. Look astatine different classical anime similar Dragon Ball, Naruto, and adjacent the likes of Bleach. But lately, anime names are getting longer and longer specified that the sanction itself tin beryllium considered a sentence. The bully happening is that specified names are good, and fans would not caput either way. 

Watamote: No substance however I look astatine it, its’s you guys’ responsibility I’m Unpopular

Watamote anime has 12 episodes and 1 ova, and it ran from July to September 2013. It is astir a 15-year-old Tomoko Kuroki who believes that she volition go fashionable erstwhile she enters precocious schoolhouse since she has go well-versed successful otome games. The world was that she recovered retired that she had go a reclusive loner. Even though she inactive forces herself to use what she has learned to execute popularity. She managed to advancement done precocious schoolhouse and effort to beryllium her societal status. Standing astatine lone 12 episodes, Watamote is 1 of the champion abbreviated anime you tin watch.

Interspecies Reviewers: 12 Episodes

Interspecies reviewers anime has 12 episodes, and it made its debut connected January 11 until March 2020. It is 1 of the unsocial anime you tin ticker and decorativeness successful 1 go. Interspecies reviewers anime takes spot successful a satellite wherever galore antithetic humanoid taxon live, and prostitution is legal. There are assorted brothels for each benignant of species, and it is tally by Succu girls who person succubus humor moving done them. Each taxon has its ain opinions connected however each Succu miss volition work.

Best Short Anime To Binge WatchInterspecies Reviewers

If you are into Ecchi anime, past Iterspecies reviewers are 1 of the champion abbreviated anime that you tin watch. In assorted brothels successful the anime, the visitors person go reviewers standing their experiences with assorted succus girls and posting them astatine section taverns. The anime mostly revolves astir a quality known arsenic Stunk, an elf known arsenic Zel, and a scope named Crimvael.

House of Five Leaves: 12 Episodes

House of Five Leaves anime started successful April 2010 and released caller episodes play until July 2010. The anime is acceptable during the Edo play successful Japan, and it is astir the beingness of Masanosuke Akitsu, a wandering Samurai and a skilled swordsman. His timid property would origin him to beryllium expelled by his employers. One time helium came crossed Yaichi, the charismatic person of a bandit radical known arsenic “Five Leaves.” He is offered a occupation arsenic Yaichi’s bodyguard, and this is wherever his travel starts. 

Best Short Anime To Binge WatchHouse of Five Leaves

At first, helium was disquieted astir the Five Leaves’ intentions, but helium was besides intrigued by their radical and agreed to enactment with them. This anime is astir the Samurai and their mode of life, truthful if you are into this benignant of anime, you should cheque it retired arsenic you tin adjacent ticker each episodes and decorativeness them successful a day. 

The Comic Artist and His Assistants: 12 Episodes

If you are looking for different 1 of the champion abbreviated anime to watch, you should adhd “The Comic Artist and his Assistants” to your list. It lone has 12 episodes and ran from April to June 2014. Interestingly, the anime is astir a manga creator Yuki Aito who is simply a perverted man, and his main emotion and tendency are to emotion everyone adjacent to him. His assistant, Asishu would, perpetually find herself successful an awkward concern and is forced to header with Aito’s doings. 

The Comic Artist and His AssistantsThe Comic Artist and His Assistants

Surrounded by beauteous assistants, Yuki Aito could hardly ore connected his work, forcing his managing exertion to propulsion him to scope the deadlines for his work. The caller busty and ditsy Rinna Fuwa and a skilled but money-loving Sena Kuroi articulation him arsenic 1 of his assistants. Yuki’s beingness became much of a harem than a manga studio. So the anime focuses n the day-to-day challenges that Yuki has to spell through.

Grand Blue: 12 Episodes

In July, Grand Blue anime made its debut and ran until September 2018, releasing 12 episodes. The anime is astir Iori Kitahara, looking guardant to his caller beingness wrong the Izu Peninsula. He prepares to commencement his assemblage beingness portion staying determination successful a country supra his uncle’s diving store known arsenic Grand Blue. He was rather shocked erstwhile helium met the section diving club, afloat of buff men who walk much clip drinking and partying. 

Grand BlueGrand Blue

Iori Kitahara and his unit walk clip stripping bare than doing their diving duties. At the aforesaid time, Iori tried to region himself from this group. He rapidly gets swept up successful their antics, and his cousins person tried to amusement him diving techniques into the water and seeing. There look to beryllium rather the temptations for Iori, and since helium is passionate astir diving, helium volition person to find a mode not to beryllium swayed from his dreams.

Another: 12 Episodes

Another anime made its debut successful January 2012 and ran for 12 episodes until March of the aforesaid year. It is acceptable successful 1972 erstwhile a fashionable pupil Misaki, a mediate schooler astatine Yomiyama North Middle school, abruptly dies partway done the schoolhouse year. This nonaccomplishment devasted the students, and unneurotic with the teachers, they decided to behave arsenic if Misaki was inactive alive. This led to a unusual beingness successful the graduation photo.

Best Short Anime To Binge WatchAnother

Later successful the outpouring of 1988, Koichi Sakakibara transferred into Yomiyama’s class, wherever helium ended up gathering Mei Misaki, a quiescent pupil whom the teachers and the students ignored. The people was past caught up successful a unusual improvement wherever students and relatives started to dice gruesomely. The decease seems to beryllium related to the Misaki of 1972, portion Koichi and Mei effort to halt it earlier sidesplitting much of their classmates. This anime is for those who emotion fearfulness and thriller anime, and it would marque the champion abbreviated anime you tin ticker connected your list. 

Baccano: 16 Episodes

Baccano anime has antithetic unrelated plots passim each of its series. The main storyline of Baccano takes spot successful past times erstwhile the vessel Advena is carrying a radical of alchemists trying to summon a demon to get eternal life. The demon grants them an elixir of immortality and the method of ending their beingness done devouring 1 another. Maza, the summoner, was fixed the elixir formula, and Maiza and the different alchemists decided that nary 1 other indispensable go immortal. 

Best Short Anime To Binge WatchBaccano

Szilard was the lone 1 opposing this, and during the aforesaid night, the alchemist began to vanish and was devoured by Szilard, lone to recognize that the menace posed by staying unneurotic would pb to astir death. So they decided to scatter crossed the world. Baccano anime is not that agelong arsenic it stands astatine 16 episodes. It is 1 abbreviated anime that you tin ticker if you are looking for thing you haven’t tried yet. 

No Game No Life: 12 Episodes

No Game nary Life anime is astir Sora and Shiro, who are shut-in NEET siblings and the online gamer duo and are the ones down the legendary username known arsenic Blank. They deliberation the existent satellite is conscionable different lousy game, but everything changes erstwhile a unusual email challenges them to a chess match. They are teleported into an otherworldly realm wherever they conscionable Tet, the God of Games.

No Game No LifeNo Game No Life

The deity past welcomes them to a satellite known arsenic Disboard, wherever each forms of conflict, arsenic debased arsenic petty squabbles to the destiny of countries and kingdoms, are settled done a mode of precocious involvement games alternatively of conflicts. The strategy works good owed to a cardinal regularisation that says each enactment wager thing they deem to beryllium adjacent to the different party’s wager. It is simply a unusual onshore wherever the precise thought of humanity is reduced to child’s play. The genius gamer duo of Shiro and Sora yet recovered a existent crushed to support playing games. 

Barakamon: 18 Episodes

Standing astatine 18 episodes, Barakamon is connected the precocious strand of the occurrence continuum. It came adjacent to being classified arsenic a agelong anime, but fixed that we person seen different anime with 25 episodes, this anime is inactive watchable, and you tin inactive decorativeness it successful a time if you negociate to find it to your interest. Barakamon anime is astir Seishu Handa, a nonrecreational calligrapher contempt his young age. When the aged curator of an accumulation criticizes his calligraphy for being unoriginal, helium gets aggravated and punches him.


Due to his convulsive actions, his begetter sends him disconnected for a retreat connected Goto Island adjacent Kyushu. Upon his arrival, helium meets the colorful villagers and interacts with them arsenic helium starts to find his role. Barakamon inactive stands amongst the champion abbreviated anime you tin ticker portion you hold for caller seasons of different anime oregon portion you wat for play releases of caller episodes of your favourite ongoing anime.

Erased: 12 Episodes

Erased anime made its debut successful January 2016 and ran until March of the aforesaid twelvemonth producing 12 episodes. So it is 1 of the abbreviated anime that you tin see arsenic you get to implicit the episodes and cognize what goes connected wrong the aforesaid day. In Erased anime, Satoru Fujima is simply a young antheral who lives successful Chiba and possesses an quality known arsenic Revival that tin nonstop him backmost successful clip moments earlier a life-threatening incident. 


This powerfulness allows Fujinuma to forestall decease from causing events to hap again. When an chartless assailant murdered his parent successful his home, helium utilized his quality to spell backmost 18 years ago, and helium was allowed to prevention his parent and halt a kidnapping incidental that affected his beingness and led to the decease of his champion friends.

Zankyo No Terror: 11 Episodes

Also known arsenic Terror successful Resonance, Zankyo No Terror anime made its debut successful July 2014 and kept connected going until September of the aforesaid twelvemonth producing 11 episodes. The anime takes spot successful an alternate iteration of the modern-day. Two boys going by Nine and Twelve bargain a prototype atomic weaponry successful an evident violent attack. They telephone themselves Sphinx, and they upload a video connected their net threatening to destruct Tokyo metropolis unless a cryptic riddle is solved. 

Zankyo No TerrorZankyo No Terror

They person survived a concealed experimentation by different Rising Peace academies to make orphaned children with Savant Syndrom into quality weapons. They befriend  Lisa, a lonely schoolgirl, and she becomes caught up successful different plans to exposure the nefarious activities of the organization. Zankyo nary Terror anime besides received affirmative reviews from assorted critics. Most fans wonderment wherefore Zankyo nary Terror oregon The Terror of Resonance anime is banned successful China. This is owed to the bid having scenes of violence, terrorism, crime, and pornography.

Angel Beats: 13 Episodes

Angel Beats is acceptable successful a precocious schoolhouse situation successful the afterlife, a benignant of limbo for radical who person stumbled through hardships and trauma successful beingness arsenic they indispensable flooded them earlier passing connected and being reincarnated. Angel Beats anime is simply a portion of beingness anime and 1 of the champion abbreviated anime for the romance and portion of beingness anime lovers. 

Best Short Anime To Binge WatchAngel Beats

The communicative is centered astir Yozuru Otonashi, a lad with amnesia who ends up successful the afterlife. He ended up gathering Yuri Nakamura. She invited him to articulation the Afterlife Battlefront, an enactment she founded, and led him to rebel against an unseen deity for their unfair circumstances successful life.

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