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This occurrence ends with Eve declaring her intent to termination someone. In golf. If that infinitesimal doesn't perfectly encapsulate the entreaty of Birdie Wing, past I don't cognize what does. The preceding 20 minutes are nary slouch either, serving america our astir heaping helping yet of Eve and Aoi's chaotically flirtatious dynamic together. This amusement has been gathering momentum towards this squad up since their gathering successful the premiere, truthful present that they are yet whacking balls arsenic 1 unit, the communicative takes an appropriately looser tack. Birdie Wing has ever prioritized amusive supra each else, but it's particularly evident here.

The occurrence rubric asks the question, “are Aoi and Eve good together?”, and the reply is simply a definitive “absolutely not, but successful a bully way.” In presumption of property and background, they're polar opposites, and their dialog connected the fairway is barbed with sass and braggadocio whenever they comparison their performances. That, however, is impervious of however adjacent they've grown together. Even their astir fiery exchanges hap nether a veil of communal admiration and affection—a veil that inexorably turns each 1 of their conversations into a romantically charged mating ritual connected the links. And disconnected the links, a backwards-brimmed Eve provides a headpat that astir sets Aoi's ears connected fire. I'd archer them to get a room, but it looks similar that's precisely what the adjacent occurrence is going to beryllium about.

The amusement accentuates the play girls' flirting successful a batch of amusive ways, too. They're reflected, for instance, successful Shinjo and Ichina, who can't assistance but disagree connected their caddying techniques present that they've been forced to enactment together. While theirs is simply a much begrudging and nonrecreational relationship, we tin commencement to spot their walls ace done a shared precocious five. Eve and Aoi's contention besides assistance connected this front. It's comic to spot these girls decked retired successful play cogwheel each gawk awkwardly astatine the gangly blonde foreigner with a atrocious attitude, but it's adjacent funnier to spot them each melt down erstwhile they recognize that she's partnered with the aureate kid Aoi. Eve's intelligence interaction connected and disconnected the greenish is her astir formidable weapon, and this is wherefore Coach Amuro gives her leeway to bash beauteous overmuch whatever.

Eve, however, seems to beryllium conscionable a means to an extremity for Amuro. She and her Rainbow Bullets are determination to propulsion Aoi to greater heights, but helium doesn't look to attraction arsenic overmuch astir her ain prospects arsenic a pro. If I had to guess, this cognition whitethorn bespeak wherever this school/tournament arc volition yet lead. Everything's hunky-dory close now, with Eve and Aoi much oregon little cervix and neck—Aoi's much consistent, and Eve takes much risks, but they're some golfing and improving astatine a comparable rate. On the different hand, what if it starts to look similar Eve mightiness overtake Aoi? This occurrence reiterates that this full tourney is simply a means of coronating the Amawashi scion and rocketing her to the nonrecreational league, which is simply a costly manipulation astatine slightest connected par with what we've seen from the play mafia. If Eve inadvertently gets connected the atrocious broadside of that, past Nafrecian hitmen mightiness not beryllium the lone happening she has to look retired for.

But I'm getting a spot up of myself. We've lone seen the qualifying circular of the tourney truthful far, which was truthful insignificant that the girls had to beryllium fixed a abstracted nonsubjective to marque it absorbing for them. Presentation-wise, however, Birdie Wing's implicit the apical flair inactive makes this a blast to watch. The rival golfer du jour, a gangly slab of beef who looks similar she walked disconnected the pages of Dorohedoro, ne'er stood a chance, but the anime nevertheless has amusive animating the powerfulness down her thrust and the terrifying certainty down Eve's consequent trash talk. Bulging muscles, shattered glass, and a demonic imaginativeness of Eve each assistance extremity a debased stakes qualifier into a melodramatic gauntlet throw.

I besides emotion each the ways the amusement refuses to instrumentality itself excessively seriously. Perhaps the champion illustration is however blatant the Gundam pandering has go this precocious into the season. Even if you haven't watched a azygous 2nd of the franchise, whenever Ichina says thing weird, you tin reasonably infer that it has to beryllium a Gundam quote. Eve's speech with Lily is likewise inured with details that lone Gunpla diehards are going to appreciate. It's similar the amusement is being arsenic cheeky arsenic imaginable astir being produced by Bandai Namco, and that unsocial could beryllium endearing, but successful a weird mode it besides complements the mecha DNA buried successful the series. While it mightiness present person immoderate elephantine robots per se, Birdie Wing treats play with the aforesaid gravity, drama, and penchant for the absurd that tin beryllium recovered successful galore mecha forerunners. Or, to enactment it different way, Eve and Aoi are fundamentally play Newtypes.

The different important happening this occurrence provides is simply a due instauration to Eve and Aoi's toughest rivals successful the upcoming tournament, Mizuho and Kaede. We've seen them before, but their interactions present thin heavy into the genre conventions of schoolhouse dramas similar Dear Brother. Mizuho is the reserved and refined miss (the benignant of idiosyncratic Shinjo wishes Aoi acted like), portion Kaede has much hot-headed bluster. It's a classical hot-and-cold pairing that accentuates Mizuho's ruthless iciness. Akin to Amuro, she sees this contention lone arsenic a mode of honing her ain abilities against the champion of the best. She's each spot arsenic looming a fig arsenic Rose was successful the archetypal arc, and portion I don't cognize however overmuch we'll get to spot of her crippled with lone 1 occurrence successful the play remaining, her trash speech look down with Eve already makes for an unthinkable scene.

I privation to wrapper up connected an anecdotal note. That small peck Eve plants connected Aoi's feature successful the play finale preview is not lone ace adorable, but it besides seems to person been a selling hole-in-one. I've seen respective radical successful and astir my ellipse prime up Birdie Wing successful the past 2 days. Now, this mightiness conscionable beryllium a effect of maniacs similar maine yet shredding the past of the anime community's willpower aft astir 3 months of america screaming astir play girls. But I don't deliberation we tin disregard the powerfulness of blatant acts of queer romanticist affection. While I've joked astir the inevitability of Eve and Aoi being sisters, I'm starting to beryllium convinced that this twist would beryllium excessively mean for Birdie Wing. There's a existent anticipation that Eve and Aoi volition extremity up arsenic canonical play wives (after each the canonical play murder), and adjacent though I similar to downplay the paramountcy of explicit textuality, I deliberation that's besides worthy getting a small excited about.

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Cumulative Score: -14

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