Black Clover Chapter 321 Takes Us to Most-Awaited Yuno vs. Lucifero Fight

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Chapter 320 of Black Clover ended with Lucifero mercilessly rag dolling with the Magic Knight captains. Only Asta’s anti-magic was somewhat proving effectual till helium got caught up successful Lucifero’s enraged attacks. Just arsenic we thought everything was mislaid and determination was nary anticipation near for the Clover Kingdom, Yuno shows up similar Asta’s guardian deity. He someway keeps Asta distant from the blast and plans to spar Lucifero until Asta regains consciousness. What volition hap successful the upcoming Yuno vs. Lucifero combat successful Black Clover Chapter 321?

As of now, Lucefero seems similar the uncontrollable beast that won’t halt until it destroys everything. Despite knowing that the strongest forms of magic person failed to penetrate Lucifero, Yuno wants to instrumentality a chance. After all, Yuno is the rightful heir of the Spade Kingdom, and it’s lone just for him to avenge what the devil did to his family. So, fasten your spot belts to spot a spectacular show of Wind Magic and Star Magic combination. We bring you the latest section updates of Black Clover manga.

Black Clover Chapter 321 Speculations, Spoiler, and Raw Scans

Yuno’s combat with Xenon showed america however overmuch helium has improved successful an incredibly abbreviated timespan. Now that helium has gained acquired 2 grimoires, thing is stopping him from showcasing his recently acquired Star Magic. Despite Yuno’s triumph against Zenon and Beezlebub, we mustn’t hide that Lucifero’s powers are successful a full caller dimension. Thus, the chances of Yuno overpowering Lucifero are inactive beauteous slim, but I americium definite helium tin support him occupied till Asta recovers a bit. In immoderate case, I won’t beryllium amazed to spot Asta and Yuno teaming up erstwhile again to prevention the world. This surely reminds america of Naruto and Sasuke, the puerility rivals who teamed up to decision Kaguya. 

Yuno shows up to prevention Asta

The leaks and earthy scans of Black Clover Chapter 321 are not released yet. They mostly aboveground astir 2-3 days earlier the chapter’s authoritative release, truthful beryllium definite to cheque backmost betwixt Friday and Saturday.

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Chapter 320 Recap

Chapter 320 starts with Asta chopping Lucifero’s horn with his anti-magic sword. With each different magic failed, Asta’s Anti-magic keeps burning similar the past flicker of hope. Lucifero bursts retired successful choler and starts destroying everything astir him. To dictate his superiority implicit everyone, helium calls Asta a ‘Magic-less portion of trash’ and thrashes him into the ground.

Yuno and Asta whitethorn squad up successful the Spade Kingdom arc

Meanwhile, attacks from Nozel, Fuegoleon, and different Magic Knight Captains were implicit of nary use. It lone added substance to Lucifer’s fire-like rage. The devil bluntly claims that the Magic Knights person performed amended than expected, but this is arsenic overmuch arsenic they tin go. Furthermore, helium adds that helium sees Asta arsenic thing but a prey to devour. 

Just erstwhile Lucifero is astir to guarantee his triumph by sidesplitting Asta, Yuno appears similar Asta’s savior. Yuno’s recently acquired teleporting quality turns retired rather handy, and helium throws Asta distant from Lucifero’s onslaught range. He lands aggregate attacks from antithetic directions and restrains Lucefero’s movements for a while. He looks a batch much assured than earlier and is astir to instrumentality connected Lucifero single-handedly till Asta wakes up.

Black Clover Chapter 321 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 321 manga volition beryllium released connected Sunday, January 30, 2022. A caller section of Black Clover manga is mostly released each Sunday unless the play docket shifts to Friday release.  

Where to Read Black Clover Manga? 

Black Clover manga is published nether play Shonen Jump magazine, which comes retired each Sunday. The past 3 chapters are escaped to read, but you request to instrumentality a subscription if you privation to work the full series. We urge you either work it from Shonen Jump oregon hold for the volumes alternatively of utilizing pirate websites. If you are an IOS user, you tin work it here. If you are an Android user, you tin work it here.

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