Blue Lock Anime Shares Trailer and Cast News Ahead of October Debut

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Blue Lock Anime Shares Trailer and Cast News Ahead of October Debut

by Danica Davidson May 13, 2022

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The TV anime adaptation of the manga Blue Lock by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yūsuke Nomura volition debut this October. Ahead of this a trailer has dropped to springiness america an thought of what to expect.

New formed members were besides unveiled: Masatomo Nakazawa plays Wataru Kuon, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka plays Jingo Raichi, Shōya Chiba plays Yūdai Imamura, Shugo Nakamura plays Gin Gagamaru, Daishi Kajita plays Asahi Naruhaya, Ryūnosuke Watanuki plays Okuhito Iemon, Aoi Ichikawa plays Gurimu Igarashi, Kenichi Suzumura plays Ryōsuke Kira, Hiroshi Kamiya plays Jinpachi Ego, and Eri Yukimura plays Anri Teieri.

The actors for the main characters had already been announced: Tasuku Kaito plays Meguru Bachira, Kazuki Ura plays Yoichi Isagi, Yūki Ono plays Rensuke Kunigami, and Sōma Saitō plays Hyōma Chigiri.

The anime is being made astatine 8-Bit. Tetsuaki Watanabe of Powerful Pro Yakyū Powerful Kōkō-hen is moving arsenic the director, and the adjunct manager is Shunsuke Ishikawa. The scripts are being written and supervised by Taku Kishimoto, who worked connected the 2019 Fruits Basket, and archetypal co-creator Kaneshiro is supervising the communicative arsenic a whole. Music for the anime is being composed by Jun Murayama.

The manga is being published successful English by Kodansha Comics, and they gave this statement of the series:

“After a disastrous decision astatine the 2018 World Cup, Japan’s squad struggles to regroup. But what’s missing? An implicit Ace Striker, who tin usher them to the win. The Japan Football Union is hell-bent connected creating a striker who hungers for goals and thirsts for victory, and who tin beryllium the decisive instrumentality successful turning astir a losing match…and to bash so, they’ve gathered 300 of Japan’s champion and brightest younker players. Who volition look to pb the team…and volition they beryllium capable to out-muscle and out-ego everyone who stands successful their way?”

Source: ANN


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