Boruto Episode 216, 217 218, 219, 220 Titles, Release Date, Summaries Announced

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Boruto Anime Fans are truly enjoying the ongoing Kawaki Arc wherever Kara’s person has yet appeared and we are astir to spot Naruto’s caller form. The latest arc is filled with sold enactment scenes with crisp looking animation and things are astir to get adjacent much breathtaking from present on.

Recently the Twitter idiosyncratic @ANAFLinks shared the occurrence titles of upcoming Boruto Episodes 216, 217, 218, 219 and 220. The titles somewhat confirms that anime volition proceed to accommodate much of canon worldly for a portion more.

Upcoming Boruto Episodes Titles: —> Episode 216: Sacrifice Episode 217: Resolve Episode 218: Partner Episode 219: Returning Episode 220: TBA


So successful this article, we volition sermon the Boruto Episode 216-220 wherever we volition screen everything related to it specified arsenic its merchandise date, spoilers and occurrence summary.

Boruto Episode 216 “Sacrifice”, Release Date: September 19, 2021

Boruto Episode 216Naruto and Sasuke

The adjacent occurrence Boruto is titled “Sacrifice” which is acceptable to merchandise this week connected September 19, 2021, 2021, and volition proceed connected the Boruto vs Isshiki battle.

Summary: In bid to transportation retired their decisive battle, Boruto drags Isshiki into different dimension. Later on, Naruto and Sasuke besides vanish into the dimension. The 3 of them person been entrusted to combat for the involvement of protecting the colony and Kawaki, contempt Isshiki’s powers being connected a full different level. The ones who person been near down successful the colony tin lone anticipation for their repatriation. Meanwhile, Amado – 1 of the apical brass of “Kara” – mentions thing successful beforehand of Nara Shikamaru, Kawaki, and the others who person remained: “Boruto decidedly holds the cardinal to this battle”. But what is the meaning to those words?

Boruto Episode 217 “Resolve”, Release Date: September 26, 2021

Boruto Episode 218Noruto – Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

Episode 217 of Boruto volition merchandise connected September 26, 2021. The occurrence is titled “Resolve” and volition debut Naruto’s caller form.

Summary: Naruto and Sasuke person been fiercely warring successful vain – They’ve been driven into a country by Isshiki. In bid to interruption the deadlock successful their situation, Boruto adjacent attempts to bargain with his ain resoluteness and preparedness to die. But successful the end, that maneuver fails arsenic well. He thinks that they person nary different means to reason Isshiki. But astatine that moment, Naruto emits an astonishing and aggravated chakra portion lasting backmost up.

The tailed beast – Kurama the Kyuubi – states: “This is the eventual past edifice and trump-card.” In speech for a monolithic indemnification, Naruto volition summation an immense power. And so, Naruto begins his counteroffensive against Isshiki. As Naruto wholly overwhelms Isshiki, he’s capable to dramatically reverse their predicament, but then…!?

Boruto Episode 218 “Partner”, Release Date: October 3, 2021

Boruto Episode 217Kurama and Naruto

Summary: Naruto and his squad are exhausted from battling Isshiki. But abruptly successful beforehand of their eyes, Boruto attacks Sasuke. Momoshiki has hijacked Boruto’s consciousness, and present stands successful beforehand of them arsenic their enemy. Kawaki frantically calls retired for Boruto to regain his consciousness, but Kawaki’s dependable can’t get done to him. Then, Sasuke informs Kawaki astir a method for Boruto to regain his consciousness. And so, Kawaki plans an all-or-nothing strategy to unleash a ninjutsu that helium learned to prevention Boruto.

Meanwhile, Naruto gives a sidelong glimpse astatine Kawaki and the others warring to the death. Within his ain hazy consciousness. Naruto and Kurama calmly speech to 1 different and reminisce astir their erstwhile days together.

Boruto Episode 219 “Retuning”, Release Date: October 10, 2021

Boruto Episode 219Kawaki

Episode 219 titled “Retuning” volition accommodate section 54 from the manga. The occurrence shares the aforesaid rubric with the manga wherever Sasuke, Naruto and Boruto volition yet instrumentality to their location Konoha aft a agelong battle.

Summary: Naruto and Sasuke are startled by Kawaki’s presence. Isshiki greets Kawaki. At Konoha, they’re confused astir Kawaki’s disappearance, and Amado considers they’re retired of options. Kawaki understands Isshiki wants to rebrand him. Isshiki muses connected however small clip helium has left, and however acold helium was pushed. Kawaki retorts he’s gladsome helium gets to ticker Isshiki die. Isshiki counters it’ll lone beryllium a abbreviated nap until he’s reborn successful Kawaki’s body. Naruto tells him to run, truthful Isshiki stomps him hard capable to unit him retired of Baryon Mode.

Kawaki rushes away, but Isshiki intercepts him and grabs him by the throat. Before helium tin rebrand Kawaki, Sasuke switches places with him. Sasuke yells for Kawaki to prime up the sphere helium prepared and propulsion it astatine his feet, which Kawaki does. It’s a smoke bomb.Ezoic

Boruto Episode 220 “TBA”, Release Date: October 17, 2021

oruto Episode 220

The rubric of occurrence 220 hasn’t been revealed but based connected presumption that the anime volition proceed to accommodate a section per occurrence the adjacent occurrence astir apt volition accommodate section 55 “Legacy” and its contented is arsenic follows:

Summary: Momoshiki is satisfied, having blocked Sasuke from using his space-time ninjutsu, and gladsome to person emerged a 2nd time, feeling free. Sasuke deduces from Momoshiki’s movements that Boruto’s erstwhile injuries, including his breached wrist, person been healed. Kawaki recalls his committedness to get escaped of Kāma with Boruto, and tries calling retired to him. Momoshiki muses that Kawaki is besides free, noting that Isshiki’s psyche has wholly vanished, and wonders wherever is his smile. Kawaki continues calling retired to Boruto, and Momoshiki notes his state is fleeting.

Kawaki attacks Momoshiki, who counterattacks. Dodging 1 of Kawaki’s attacks, Momoshiki flies up and comes down, stabbing Kawaki successful the back. Momoshiki confirms the progression is rather far, which should marque his program possible. Sasuke kicks Momoshiki aside. Kawaki asks what helium means, and Momoshiki explains that adjacent if Kāma has vanished, the information it extracted remains successful his body. Much similar Boruto’s, Kawaki’s Kāma was astir 80% extracted, meaning astir of his assemblage is mostly Ōtsutsuki, and frankincense a viable sacrifice to cultivate a God Tree.

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