Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki-kun Animation Project: Is it Season 2?

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Games and beingness person truthful overmuch successful communal that we often look to beryllium interchanging lessons betwixt them. What we larn from the beingness we use successful games, and what we larn from games we use to life. This nonstop conception tin beryllium witnessed successful the crippled of Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki-kun. The anime’s basal is each astir quality development. Through its 12-episode season, we spot improvement successful the astir fun, intriguing, and realistic signifier possible. The champion portion astir Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki-kun is that determination is thing revolutionary oregon thing immense astir it. It is truthful attached to the world that everything earthy seems to beryllium successful place. While the archetypal play ended, fans request not hold anymore due to the fact that a caller Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki-kun anime task has been announced. 

Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki-kun is based connected a airy caller by the aforesaid name, written by Yuki Yaku and illustrated by Fly. It was published by Shogakukan nether the Gagaga Bunko statement connected May 18, 2016, and has since released 9 volumes. The root Light caller is inactive ongoing, but determination is inactive plentifulness of worldly near to animate. An anime adaptation of the Light Novel premiered successful 2021 nether the absorption of Shinsuke Yanagi. Its animation accumulation was done by Project No. 9. Its 12-episode play was followed by 2 OVAs. 

The anime did rather good among Japanese and planetary viewers. Following its popularity, a caller Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki-kun anime task has been announced, and present is everything we cognize astir it.

New Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki-kun Anime Project

Two seasons person passed since the archetypal play of the anime was released. Following the immense success, the airy caller has continued, bringing successful much absorbing and adorable interactions betwixt the main characters and more. Recently, the anime adaptation of the airy caller has been addressed.

On 14 January 2022, it was announced that a caller Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki-kun animation task is presently nether production. There has been nary revelation whether this caller task would beryllium a 2nd season, a movie, oregon a spin-off. However, what we bash cognize is that determination volition beryllium much breathtaking quality coming up soon.

In commemoration of the announcement, a caller ocular teaser of the upcoming task was updated too.






Continue to the adjacent STAGE!!#友崎くん

— TVアニメ「弱キャラ友崎くん」公式 (@tomozakikoshiki) January 14, 2022

The creators besides released a caller PV featuring the main characters of the anime.

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