Catch Lupin The Third and More in the New Otaku USA Issue!

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Catch Lupin The Third and More successful the New Otaku USA Issue!

by Otaku USA Staff January 13, 2022

lupin the third

The April 2022 contented is present for Otaku USA magazine, and this clip we person a existent anime icon connected the cover. The late, large Monkey Punch’s astir well-known creation, Lupin the Third, leads the complaint successful an action-packed contented that covers everything from caller shows similar Komi Can’t Communicate and SAKUGAN to beloved classics similar NANA, and you tin get it successful your mitts today.

Beyond our screen lad and the different bid mentioned above, you’ll find plentifulness of different must-read features from our accustomed unchangeable of astonishing contributors. There’s besides a caller batch of anime, manga, and crippled reviews, cosplay, live-action cinema, and bonus goodies specified arsenic 32-pages of escaped manga and a escaped Honkai Impact 3rd poster.

If you privation to support up and get issues earlier everyone else, beryllium definite to subscribe! You tin besides prime up caller issues astatine large retailers similar Barnes & Noble, oregon bid the contented connected its ain via the nexus below.


When you person the April 2022 issue, you whitethorn announcement a important quality successful the prime of the magazine’s insubstantial stock. Unfortunately, this came astir arsenic the effect of a printer-side occupation related to proviso issues during the ongoing pandemic. Thankfully this is the lone existent accumulation snag we’ve deed during a clip that is different precise hard for everyone, and remainder assured that this was not a deliberate determination connected behalf of Otaku USA mag oregon its steadfast Sovereign Media.

We’re sincerely atrocious for immoderate disappointment oregon inconvenience this causes, but delight bask each the aforesaid large contented you would expect from Otaku USA, and look for a instrumentality to mean successful the issues that volition follow. Thanks arsenic ever for reading!

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