Chaos;Child, Chaos;Head Games Head to Switch in Japan in February

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posted connected 2021-11-25 14:59 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda

Physical & integer treble pack, idiosyncratic integer releases debut connected February 24

MAGES. posted a caller video connected Thursday to denote that it volition merchandise the Chaos;HEAd and Chaos;Child games successful a "Double Pack" for Switch arsenic a carnal bundle oregon a integer download connected February 24. (Players tin besides download each crippled separately.)

The Chaos;HEAd merchandise volition beryllium Chaos;HEAd Noah, the archetypal HD remastered mentation of the crippled antecedently released for the Xbox 360 and aboriginal ports. The archetypal tally of the Double Pack volition see the "Sexy Patch" for Chaos;HEAd Noah.

Chaos;HEAd is simply a ocular caller that was primitively debuted for PC successful Japan successful 2008. It was past aboriginal ported to the Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, and smartphone devices. (Chaos;HEAd NoaH was primitively the sanction of the 2009 Xbox 360 port.) A tv anime adaptation of Chaos;HEAd aired successful Japan successful 2008, and Funimation released the bid connected DVD and Blu-ray successful 2011.

Chaos;Child archetypal debuted connected the Xbox One successful 2014, and is simply a sequel to Chaos;HEAd. That archetypal mentation allowed players to perceive in-game telephone calls via the controller, but the versions connected different platforms changed this and different features. MAGES. and 5pb. Games shipped ports for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita successful Japan successful June 2015 with a Z (18+) property rating. The game's PC larboard launched successful Japan successful April 2016. PQube released the PS4 and Vita versions successful North America and Europe successful October 2017. The game's English PC merchandise debuted successful January 2019.

Sources: MAGES.' YouTube channel, Famitsu

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