Dr. Stone Chapter 214: Release Date & Spoilers

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The Hydroelectric works powerfulness experimentation begins with Dr. Stone Chapter 214 with Ukyo shouting astatine the Science Kindom Crew that they person a dam. Dr. Stone reveals Senku and the Science Kindom’s travel preparing the travel to the moon. From the latest Dr. Stone Chapter, we saw Ukyo, Chrome, Kaseki moving connected something, and this seems similar a caller experimentation to power the h2o since they privation to nutrient electricity. Senku and Kohaku were besides connected the country talking astir Ruri’s enactment with the villagers erstwhile they were not around. Dr. Stone Chapter 214 reveals the enactment successful the tract that had increased, and the idiosyncratic wondered astir getting much workforce.

On the different side, we saw Gen talking to the caller squad that precocious got revived. Francoise and different cooks prepared the nutrient for everyone. Gen besides talked astir him appearing connected TV and the publication that Senku wrote. Senku’s Story Time publication had accusation connected however they revived everyone and however they got petrified successful the past. Gen and the kids decided to larn much astir that book. The publication besides revealed gathering the rocket to the satellite and the enigma devices that turned humans into stones. They besides talked astir wherefore antheral is up connected the moon.

Gen was seen narrating everything similar helium was singing a song. Chelsea and Ryusui besides had had their accidental connected Gen’s lectures. They believed that Gen was winning the colonisation by telling them breathtaking things astir Senku. Ryusui besides talked astir his desires, and Sai realizes that Ryusui volition ne'er miss talking astir that. We besides saw a representation of Sai playing a crippled erstwhile it was clip to survey math. But that is what drove him to larn more. Ryusui besides reveals his thoughts astir media and that it controls the world.

Previously connected Dr. Stone Chapter 213

The unit besides talked astir assorted media believing that the caller satellite has reached the media stage. Kaseki worked connected thing related to what Ryusui was talking about, and Senku entertained him. Later we saw the unit acquiring TV. After witnessing the caller technology, the unit was surprised, wondering if they were repeating history. The question astir the channels that the TV volition host. Senku realizes thing and explains what they deficiency successful this world. Ukyo realizes that Senku knew that they didn’t person a broadcast portion making this caller item.

Dr. Stone Chapter 214

Dr. Stone Chapter 214

Senku amazed his squad aft saying that they wouldn’t ticker shows connected TV, and they some wondered what they would ticker if not shows. Ryusui had his accidental astir the vessel docket and that they had been waiting for the delivery. Sai got surprised, and we saw immoderate pictures of the vessel arriving. Taiju appeared and met with Senku portion playing their gathering greeting of fist-pumping. The unit worked connected computers and Senku’s caller systems. But they struggled erstwhile they got programs to run, and Senku besides analyses the machine checking connected something. They besides talked astir the crippled programs.

Sai was seen moving miracles that helped the unit get the computer. He signals the unit that helium has finished his part. The Science Kingdom unit gathered to spot the latest caller invention. Each subordinate had a batch of questions astir the machine and immoderate thoughts astir video games, portion Ryusui praised his brother. We besides saw everyone taking turns to play the games they liked until night. Ryusui and Sai had a chess lucifer that Sai bushed Ryusui. Sai besides narrates the communicative that took spot a agelong clip ago. They besides talked astir chess moves. Let’s look astatine Dr. Stone Chapter 214 details below.

Dr. Stone Chapter 214 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 214 volition beryllium released connected 17 October 2021. At the extremity of the chapter, we saw Sai revealing a chess determination that looked foolish, but it was superb capable to pb to victory. The 2 brothers talked astir subject and the petrification device. Kaseki besides showed his radical a vacuum conduit for the medusa, but we besides witnessed explosions and humans turning into chromatic aft trying to vigor a medusa. Let’s look astatine Dr. Stone Chapter 214 authoritative details below.

Dr. Stone Chapter 214

Dr. Stone Chapter 214

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Read Dr. Stone Chapter 214 Online – Raw Details

You volition beryllium capable to work Dr. Stone Chapter 214 online connected VIZ Media’s authoritative website. Dr. Stone Manga is besides published connected Shueisha’s online mag Shonen Jump+ and releases a caller section each week. The spoilers for Dr. Stone Chapter 214 volition get this coming week. Those who similar to hold tin get the latest Dr. Stone Chapter 214 connected Sunday. Dr. Stone has delayed the caller chapter, but the manga has returned, and it volition proceed arsenic usual. Let’s conscionable erstwhile Dr. Stone Chapter 214 releases.

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