Ghost Story Loop Is a Fun Read for Fans of Horror Manga

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Ghost Story Loop Is a Fun Read for Fans of Horror Manga

by Danica Davidson January 25, 2022

In Ghost Story Loop, Azusa has creepy nightmares erstwhile she sleeps, and it’s nary wonder. During the day, the seventeen-year-old takes photographs of supposedly haunted locations. That’s due to the fact that her member is obsessed with ghosts and runs his ain shade site, wherever radical tin study unusual things happening successful Yokohama.

Azusa goes wherever her member asks her and takes the photographs, but the information is she doesn’t judge successful ghosts. She conscionable does this enactment due to the fact that her member pays her successful sweets and she has a large saccharine tooth. Her latest duty is to spell to the Kuroboshi shrine, due to the fact that a good with a torii with 3 pillars is by it, and the good is supposedly cursed.

If you get cursed by the well, a creepy shade pistillate with agelong achromatic hairsbreadth implicit her look volition travel you. If you really spot her face, you’ll dice astatine midnight.

Of people skeptic Azusa doesn’t judge immoderate of this . . . until she starts seeing the shade woman. A unusual email shows up, telling her she’s been cursed and to instrumentality to the Kuroboshi shrine to effort to hole it. At the shrine she meets up with an exorcist who virtually eats monsters (or bugs, arsenic they’re referred to successful the manga). But sometimes the bugs are truthful almighty they’re not that casual to woody with . . . including what Azusa has unknowingly unleashed.

This manga opens with immoderate creepy scenes, past backs disconnected connected the horror, and is adjacent rather comic sometimes, with quirky characters. But past the fearfulness comes backmost with the curse, and it’s efficaciously sinister and moody. By the extremity of the archetypal volume, it’s wholly gripping. When the scenes are mean scenes, they look similar immoderate different manga. When the fearfulness comes in, it’s pulling from Japanese fearfulness and folklore with its supernatural elements and imagery. It’s inactive alternatively unclear wherever the communicative volition spell and what is down the curse, leaving readers guessing. A amusive work for fans of fearfulness manga.

Story & Art: Jun Yagi and Tsunami Katou
Publisher: Mangamo


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