Adventure anime Golden Kamuy has released a trailer and teaser ocular confirming that it volition instrumentality for a 4th season!

Shizutaka Sugahara volition instrumentality implicit from Hitoshi Nanba arsenic main manager with bid creation by Noboru Takagi, quality plan by Takumi Yamakawa, and Brain's Base producing. An aerial day is yet to beryllium confirmed.

Set successful aboriginal 20th period Hokkaido, the bid follows erstwhile worker Saichi Sugimoto arsenic helium searches for hidden Ainu golden with a young Ainu miss named Asirpa, who is connected a quest to avenge the decease of her father.

Based connected Satoru Noda's fashionable manga, which recently entered its last arc, the archetypal and 2nd seasons of the TV anime aired successful 2018 with a 3rd play pursuing successful 2020.

(C) Satoru Noda / Shueisha, Golden Kamuy Production Committee

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