Handyman Saitou in Another World TV Anime Announced

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Handyman Saitou successful Another World TV Anime Announced

by Joseph Luster January 19, 2022

handyman saitou

An anime adaptation is officially successful the works for Kazutomo Ichitomo’s isekai manga bid Handyman Saitou successful Another World. The rubric beauteous overmuch paints the afloat picture, arsenic Saitou finds himself transported to a phantasy satellite successful which his handyman commercialized becomes a adjuvant instrumentality for adventuring.

More details volition beryllium revealed astatine a aboriginal date. For now, manga writer Kazutomo Ichitomo shared immoderate caller creation to observe the anime’s reveal.

“Handyman Saitou successful Another World” anime adaption announced!
Stay tuned for much information!
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There was besides a trailer released to beforehand the manga—which is presently astatine astir 154 chapters collected successful 5 volumes, with a sixth close astir the country connected January 21—back astatine the commencement of 2020:

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