In/Spectre Anime's English Dub Cast Revealed!

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In/Spectre dub


We're just one day away from the launch of the In/Spectre anime's English dub! While we wait for it to premiere on Saturday, February 29, Crunchyroll came through with some cast announcements during its industry panel at C2E2.


Here's an overview of who's voicing who in the dub:


Kotoko Iwanaga - Lizzie Freeman (Trish in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind)



Kuro Sakuragawa - Brandon Winckler (Eugeo in Sword Art Online Alicization) 



Saki Yumihara - Lauren Landa (Annie in Attack on Titan)



Karin Nanase - Kayli Mills (Emilia in Re:ZERO)



Rikka Sakuragawa - Cristina Vee (Darkness in KONOSUBA)



In/Spectre is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, which describes the story like so:


Iwanaga Kotoko became the god of wisdom to the supernatural beings and spends her days solving problems for them. However, the boy who she fell head over heels for, Sakuragawa Kuro, is someone that is feared by all supernatural creatures. The two of them face various mysterious incidents involving the supernatural in this love x romance x mystery series. Where will these fantastical incidents lead them and what will happen with Kotoko’s crush?



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