Kawaii Tanuki mo Raku ja nai Manga Gets YouTube Anime on July 23

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posted connected 2022-06-23 14:37 EDT by Alex Mateo

This year's August contented of Hakusensha's LaLa mag announced connected Friday that Kei Kawaguchi's Kawaii Tanuki mo Raku ja nai (The Cute Tanuki is Not astatine Ease Either) manga volition get an anime connected YouTube connected July 23.

Hiroki Yasumoto volition play the main quality Ponkichi. Jun Fukushima volition play Hayato Saionji.

The manga launched successful LaLa successful February 2017, and it ended connected June 4. The manga was besides serialized connected Hakusensha's Manga Park website and app. Hakusensha published the manga's 5th compiled publication measurement connected April 5.

The bid follows Ponkichi, an aggravated tanuki who comes down from the upland and slashes humans.

Sources: LaLa August issue, Kei Kawaguchi's Twitter account

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