Kounodori: Dr. Stork Manga's COVID-19 Arc Ends in 3 Chapters

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posted connected 2022-06-23 22:34 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda

Manga arc's compiled publication measurement ships connected August 23

This year's 30th contented of Kodansha's Morning mag revealed connected Thursday that the ongoing COVID-19 arc of Yū Suzunoki's Kounodori: Dr. Stork (Kōnodori) manga volition extremity successful 3 chapters. If determination are nary delays, the manga volition extremity connected July 14.

In addition, Kodansha is listing the arc's 1 compiled publication measurement with a merchandise day of August 23.

The manga returned for the caller arc connected April 28. The arc again centers connected Sakura Kōnotori, and details the struggles of being an OB/GYN progressive successful childbirth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kodansha Comics is releasing the manga successful English digitally, and it describes the story:

Childbirth isn't an illness, truthful nether mean circumstances, security won't screen it. Delivery unit doesn't cure illness oregon dainty injuries, truthful there's nary request for a doctor...unless, of course, circumstances aren't normal. This smash-hit play gives a look into the lives of the men and women who enactment to invited 1,000,000 caller lives into the satellite each twelvemonth successful Japan.

The manga inspired a live-action tv bid successful October 2015, and a sequel bid premiered successful October 2017.

Suzunoki besides launched a caller manga titled Ryōma ga Yuku based connected Ryōtarō's humanities caller starting successful Bungeishunju's Weekly Bunshun mag connected April 28. The manga tells a fictional communicative astir the humanities fig Sakamoto Ryōma.

Sources: Morning contented 30, Kodansha

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