The upcoming Laid-Back Camp anime movie has unveiled its main poster and announced a peculiar 84-page comic arsenic a bonus acquisition for those who travel to spot it!

Presented arsenic "volume 13.5," the comic includes a peculiar 24-page occurrence written and illustrated by Afro. It volition besides diagnostic the aforesaid binding arsenic the archetypal manga series, arsenic good arsenic a caller Afro illustration connected the cover.

Inspired by Afro’s lowkey manga, Laid-Back Camp follows a radical of precocious schoolhouse girls from Yamanashi who emotion to spell camping.

Season 1 aired successful 2018, with Season 2 pursuing successful 2020.

The Laid-Back Camp anime movie volition unfastened astatine theaters crossed Japan connected July 1, 2022.

©Afro, Houbunsha/Outdoor Activities Club

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