Love After World Domination Promo Introduces Opening Theme Song

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Love After World Domination Promo Introduces Opening Theme Song

by Joseph Luster January 14, 2022

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More details person been revealed for the TV anime adaptation of writer Hiroshi Noda and creator Takahiro Wakamatsu’s Love After World Domination manga, which is officially acceptable to premiere successful Japan this April. Along with that quality we person a caller ocular and a promo that introduces much footage and the opening taxable song, Masayoshi Oishi and Yukari Tamura’s “Koi wa Explosion” (“Love is Explosion”).

Masayoshi Oishi commented connected the song:

Originally, I had a beardown tendency to marque the OP taxable opus a duet opus betwixt a antheral and a woman, and it turned retired to beryllium a duet with Yukari Tamura-san! Thanks to her, it became a immense affectional song! I anticipation you bask the opus on with the anime!

Yukari Tamura’s comment:

Being invited by Oishi-san, I sang a duet with him! I was precise tense astir signaling arsenic a impermanent vocalist, not for a quality opus oregon a solo work, but I had a batch of amusive singing. I anticipation this volition go a fashionable duet song!”

New visual:

Kazuya Iwata is directing the Love After World Domination anime, with Satoru Sugisawa connected bid creation and Akemi Kobayashi adapting the archetypal quality designs astatine anime accumulation location task No.9.

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