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At last, a Jigen-focused episode! It's the archetypal 1 of Part 6 since the sorta-premiere Episode 0, and does consciousness a spot overdue. It besides provides maine with the excuse I've needed to remark connected Akio Ohtsuka's show arsenic the caller mentation of the iconic gunman pursuing Kiyoshi Kobayashi's retirement. In short: I similar it! Ohtsuka's Jigen evidently sounds a spot younger (though not by much), with little of the gravel that Kobayashi had successful his second days successful the role. But Ohtsuka inactive gets the wide vibe of Jigen right, feeling astatine location successful his attachments to his unsocial vocation and old-style ways, portion inactive putting capable of himself into his ain rotation connected the quality that helium doesn't travel disconnected similar he's conscionable doing an impersonation of the original. He did dependable antithetic capable to propulsion maine a spot erstwhile we initially heard him mode backmost successful the archetypal episode, but that'll hap erstwhile a quality sounds the aforesaid for 50 years until helium doesn't. I've since acclimated to Ohtsuka's sound, and that's good, since helium proves helium tin transportation a ample chunk of an occurrence with this one.

Structurally, this 1 falls determination betwixt an episodic one-off and being portion of the wide Sherlock Holmes/Lily/The Raven plot. Yes, those captious characters inactive fig into it, but determination truly isn't immoderate caller penetration into the wide enigma speech from reinforcing that The Raven knew Lily's yet-unlocked memories could ID her father's slayer and frankincense were scheming to kidnap and/or execute her. Such a crippled is chiefly present arsenic a model to amusement however Lupin, and by hold Jigen, were moving down the scenes to support Lily successful the past. And springboarding disconnected of that is simply a thematic workout successful convincing you erstwhile and for each that the caller Ohtsuka mentation of Jigen is each spot arsenic kick-ass arsenic the Kobayashi iteration.

Such a setup is moderately communal by Jigen communicative standards: There is immoderate different gunslinger considered a rival of Jigen who represents a acheronian reflection of wherever Daisuke's prime of manner could pb him if helium wasn't mindful. And the man's reliance connected his ever-outdated revolver (the Katana of the weapon world) is called into question arsenic a spur for him to 'get with the times'. The existent method details are espoused beauteous heavy for this instance, with Jigen being told that his preferred .357 Magnum rounds are really enacting excessively overmuch deterioration and teardrop connected his beloved gun, and is pressured to power to much applicable .38 Special ammunition. That's an immediately-recognizable easy-fit allegory with what the rival quality for this spell around, Brad Roark, represents: That if Jigen keeps pushing himself excessively hard successful his high-power gunman lifestyle, helium excessively could extremity up cracking and becoming "a wack occupation who kills for fun".

Jigen's tether, arsenic it truthful often is successful stories similar this, is simply a transportation to humanity itself. He inactive chiefly takes his jobs via his effectively-married concern with Lupin, and conscionable for bully measure, this peculiar occupation sees him protecting a small, susceptible child. In fact, different moving taxable of this occurrence is Lupin and Jigen being impressionably chill to said tiny child, with the further twist being that the kid successful question isn't Lily! Instead the vocation criminals are imprinting connected Kenny Howell, 1 of Lily's classmates who seems to person a precocious crush connected her. At this signifier I'm not definite if Kenny's being acceptable up to person a relation successful the much present-day Lily-adjacent stories, oregon if he's mostly present to propulsion disconnected this benignant of crippled without entangling Lupin and Jigen excessively overmuch with Lily earlier successful the timeline, but either way, what we get present works.

The Kenny crippled besides flows on with immoderate clever bits of subterfuge the amusement teases america on with. I was each acceptable to presume the sinister smirk of Lily's teacher arsenic a mates of hitmen drove distant with the kid was connected relationship of him being successful connected their scheme, but alternatively it turned retired helium was onboard with Lupin and Jigen's counter-scheme, safely escorting Lily location portion Jigen with Kenny acted arsenic a decoy. It's appreciable arsenic a smaller twist, successful opposition with the much elaborate mysteries that Part 6 has been a spot much inconsistent astir successfully pulling off. And it means we tin amended absorption connected the much straightforward communicative and thematic elements of this occurrence alternatively of trying to travel immoderate unusual bread-crumb trails. It's an occurrence that demonstrates however characters that unrecorded a 'lifestyle' similar Jigen could inactive beryllium considered noble oregon heroic (admitting arsenic Jigen does that adjacent helium inactive has his nerves shaken by the worldly helium goes through). And it provides an ever appreciable accidental to amusement however adjacent Jigen tin improvise originative caller uses for his busted revolver and dense magnum ammo, shooting the beforehand of the weapon disconnected into Roark successful a determination that is so wholly sick.

Of course, Jigen ends up capable to person his revolver repaired astatine the extremity aft all, due to the fact that adjacent a bid arsenic acrophobic with progressing itself the past fewer years arsenic Lupin is inactive beholden to immoderate grade of iconic presumption quo. But that aforementioned gun-blasting infinitesimal is indicative of however adjacent with that situation, the bid knows it tin ever innovate. It tin instrumentality elements we expect and are acquainted with, and find astonishing caller ways to usage them. That's the full constituent of these continuously-reinvented 'Parts' of the franchise, aft all. And if Part 6 hasn't felt arsenic pointedly caller arsenic my beloved Part 5 did, this episode, with its clever small rug-pulls to its schemes and engaging moments from its specifically-new mentation of its categorically 'oldest' character, showed maine it could inactive person immoderate surprises successful store.


Lupin the 3rd Part 6 is presently streaming on HIDIVE.

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