Mamoru Hosoda’s BELLE Is a Feast For the Eyes and Ears

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Mamoru Hosoda’s BELLE Is a Feast For the Eyes and Ears

by Danica Davidson January 13, 2022

BELLE takes inspiration from the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, but it’s enactment into the modern world. Teenage Suzu has been struggling emotionally since a calamity successful her aboriginal childhood, but erstwhile she becomes “Bell” connected the virtual level U, things crook astir for her.

As Bell, she tin sing beautifully. And portion immoderate radical successful the virtual satellite onslaught her (which, similar galore things, leads her to hyperventilating), galore others autumn successful emotion with her singing and her avatar. Some adjacent accidental she shouldn’t beryllium Bell, but “Belle,” for the French connection for “beautiful.”

The virtual satellite of U is not shown arsenic societal media connected the computer, but an existent world you tin spell into. Everything goes here, which is wherefore Bell/Suzu tin sing portion lasting connected a flying humpback whale. An avatar shaped arsenic the Beast appears, but alternatively of being frightened oregon angered, Suzu feels funny and a request to help. Here’s wherever we get into the Beauty and the Beast territory, though this is nary romance. Instead, it’s 2 radical successful virtual disguises who consciousness truthful overmuch pain, but who whitethorn beryllium capable to assistance each other.

Suzu is simply a sympathetic and winning character, and it’s bully however it doesn’t amusement her arsenic perfect, oregon arsenic idiosyncratic whose beingness each comes unneurotic erstwhile she’s Bell. She inactive has struggles, and contempt each the virtual worldbuilding and avatars, this movie is yet astir the cosmopolitan qualities of being human, and it’s expressed done music.

Indeed, the champion parts of BELLE are the euphony and the visuals. The songs tin scope from upbeat to emotional, and Suzu’s opus successful U toward the extremity of the movie is particularly almighty and poignant, and it’s perfectly backed up by the art. The animation is thing abbreviated of stunning. Not lone is it masterfully creative, similar the scenery and creatures of U, but it’s besides bright, superb and iridescent.

BELLE is being released successful American theaters this Friday (with prime IMAX previews already going on), disposable some successful the Japanese and English versions. Either way, it volition beryllium a feast for the eyes and the ears.


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