MangaPlaza Offers Exclusive Pre-registration Bonuses Before Debut

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MangaPlaza Offers Exclusive Pre-registration Bonuses Before Debut

by Danica Davidson January 25, 2022

The MangaPlaza integer manga tract debuts connected March 1, and successful the meantime they’re offering immoderate exclusive pre-registration bonuses. For instance, Obey Me! The Comic is getting its exclusive English premiere here, and determination volition besides beryllium Obey Me! collaboration campaigns with YouTuber Akidearest. In summation to that, there’s a cashback run wherever you could perchance get a month’s subscription for free.

The pre-registration run has already started, and volition proceed until February 28, close earlier the authoritative launch. During this time, the proceedings leafage volition besides connection immoderate manga to work for free.

“MangaPlaza’s conception is based connected its goals to service some the manga manufacture and the planetary instrumentality community,” the institution explained successful a property release. “By offering overseas fans entree to contented that is localized, tailored, and reasonably priced, MangaPlaza aims to supply entree to a broader scope of officially licensed integer titles and yet contributing to the industry-wide efforts successful stopping the circulation of pirated content.”

MangaPlaza volition connection manga from Japanese publishers arsenic good arsenic brand-new manga. Shonen, shojo, seinen, josei, BL and teen emotion volition beryllium among the galore disposable genres.

You tin motion up for the monthly subscription complaint and beryllium capable to work astir 10,000 manga chapters. Or you tin forgo the subscription and conscionable bargain the titles you’re funny in. MangaPlaza says that the bulk of their titles volition connection a escaped section truthful fans tin cheque it retired earlier deciding if they privation to buy.

MangaPlaza is brought to america by NTT Solmare Corp from Osaka, which successful crook is simply a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation. They are besides down the deed 2019 mobile romance crippled Obey Me! (hence the exclusive Obey Me! manga) and the Japanese ebook tract Comic C’moA, which offers much than 880,000 books.

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