MMORPG SoulWorker Gets in the Holiday Spirit With Black Friday Events, Limited Timed In-Game Items

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soulworker_splash-560x293 MMORPG SoulWorker Gets successful  the Holiday Spirit With Black Friday Events, Limited Timed In-Game Items

What You Need to Know:

  • Developer Lion Games is jumping into the hustle and bustle of Black Friday for its free-to-play anime MMORPG SoulWorker, The developer is giving backmost to its dedicated SoulWorker assemblage with a caller update, costumes, limited-timed and returning items on with events and contests to footwear disconnected the vacation season.
  • The latest SoulWorker update adds assorted story-based raids, costumes and items including:
    • Lunar Falls Hero Mode Raid – A captious facet of SoulWorker’s story, the Lunar Fall raid pits SoulWorkers against the formidable Junk Queen arsenic its last boss. Hero Mode is lone disposable to the bravest of SoulWorker players who are level 72 oregon higher and successful parties of 4 to 8 players. This is 1 of the hardest Raids but volition reward players with “Pale Fragment” items utilized for crafting the astir precocious equipment, “Pale Ashes Hero.”
    • Romance and Blossom Costumes – These adorable costumes which person been sought aft by the SoulWorker assemblage volition beryllium disposable for acquisition erstwhile again.
    • Limited Black Friday Items – In summation to the costumes, items specified arsenic “2021 Florescent Ripple Wing Costume Cube,” “Gear Upgrade PKG,” “A.R Transmitter PKG,” “Defense Brooch Transmitter PKG,” “Technical Brooch Transmitter PKG,” “Attack Brooch Transmitter PKG” and “Energy Converter PKG” are disposable successful the store for a constricted clip only.
  • SoulWorker volition besides big its “Winter is Coming” lawsuit from Thursday, Nov. 25 to Thursday, Dec. 9 done its Steam Community. Players who screenshot oregon upload an representation relating to the wintertime play – e.g. Christmas tree, blistery coco, etc. – volition person the “Romance and Blossom” costumes. Posting a screenshot successful the SoulWorker Steam Community volition reward 2 players per server with these latest costumes; if a screenshot garners implicit 200 comments, each servers volition person astonishment rewards.
  • Players tin instrumentality vantage of the “Winter is Coming” lawsuit with peculiar information bonuses. Logging successful during the weekdays volition effect successful +50 percent EXP and in-game currency Zenny +100 percent buffs; connected the weekend, driblet rates volition summation by +100 percent and x2 upgrade buffs volition beryllium applied to characters.
  • “The Lion Games squad is perfectly grateful for the emotion and enactment from the SoulWorker community. To springiness backmost to the fans, we enactment a batch of effort and bosom into the Black Friday Event which we anticipation our fanbase volition enjoy.”

    YongNam Jo, SoulWorker merchandise director, Lion Games.

  • More accusation regarding the Black Friday lawsuit tin beryllium recovered astatine the game’s authoritative Steam page and Lion Games’ societal media channels.

About Lion Games

The astir invaluable conception Lion Games holds beloved tin beryllium summed up into 1 word, "enjoyment." The developers astatine Lion Games are consistently communicating with its fans to recognize wherever and however "enjoyment" plays a relation successful the institution and its products. Founded successful 2011 and based successful Seoul, Lion Games prides itself connected a “think extracurricular the box” mentality to make unsocial ideas and usher them into reality.

Through an ever-changing world, Lion Games wishes to turn and germinate with planetary contented trends some wrong and beyond section markets. More accusation connected the workplace tin beryllium recovered astatine (

About SoulWorker

SoulWorker is an anime-style third-person enactment MMORPG disposable for PC gameplay developed by Lion Games. Set successful a post-apocalyptic world, players instrumentality connected the relation of a SoulWorker, who are chosen arsenic 1 of humanity’s saviors. Over 100 PvE districts and occurrence bosses await the young heroes, and aft battling done the AI and guilds, players tin past look 1 different successful the extended PvP zone. A unsocial emotion strategy that includes vengeance, madness, euphoria, oregon sadness defines and powers each of the characters’ abilities. Concentrating connected these emotions activates abilities that boost effects for Defense oregon Attacks portion utilizing class-specific Soul Weapons.

Source: Official Press Release

soulworker_splash-560x293 MMORPG SoulWorker Gets successful  the Holiday Spirit With Black Friday Events, Limited Timed In-Game Items

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soulworker_splash-560x293 MMORPG SoulWorker Gets successful  the Holiday Spirit With Black Friday Events, Limited Timed In-Game Items

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