Monica Lewinsky Net Worth | How Much Monica Lewinsky Worth In 2020?

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Monica Lewinsky is a familiar and most controversial author, columnist, socialite, and anti-bullying activist who was in the center stage of attention for appearing the biggest controversial scandal that happened relates to Bill Clinton. With a net income of $1.5 million, Monica lead by an example, and being in the spotlight for many years, she grabs all the attention and fame of stardom. Monica Lewinsky did accuse Bill Clinton of sexual harassment and molestation cases and came to notice of people by blaming the president and demands for social rights.

CelebrityMonica Lewinsky

She actively participated and worked as a responsible lady that in the past, achieved notoriety and made a celebrity and public figure. Hailing from an upper class and wealthy family in Los angles, Lewinsky primarily studied and graduated from Lewis and Clark College, which marks her debut career as a psychology degree. She has been pretty much an achiever of different fields, and after her graduation, she became the white house intern and probably the most significant achievement she grabs.

Early Life

Monica Lewinsky was born and brought up in a wealthy family on 23 July 1973. She has been at early ages quite interested in doing job-related to administrative and other prestigious professions. After graduation, Monica joins by an ensemble people in a white house where she gets the limelight and fame as a white house spoke person.

She had a torrid and challenging time when she blamed former president Bill Clinton for sexually exploration and molestation, which intensifies into a viral news story in all daily news gossip. After her claim and demands for justification, Monica Lewinsky often found as a controversial lady who dares to blame and accused Bill Clinton of the sexual charge sheet. It was becoming a topic of discussion, and Monica Lewinsky got the attention of people and dominant the power-packed celebrity lists.

Personal Life and Achievements

Since Monica’s initial study and graduation happened to top renowned universities, therefore she has the freedom to decide the profession by herself. Hence, Monica is an entrepreneur and spokesperson that often gets the limelight of all controversial news stories. Being the white house spoke person Monica, and her alleged relationship with Bill Clinton tends to get massive news achievers in all leading news platforms. Clinton, in his statement, denied any sexual contact and said that Monica was trying to tarnish his image for fame and news achiever.


— Monica Lewinsky (@MonicaLewinsky) March 2, 2020

CelebrityMonica Lewinsky

Since the scandal went on and made news headlines, Monica was immediately drawn the public attention with posted scandal stories. After the eventful sexual scandal and allegation over, Monica appeared many popular celebrity shows and shared her experience with all audiences. Despite moderate success, Monica Lewinsky grabbed the people’s attention as a newsmaker and touched the public vote of confidence.

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth

Being a powerful celebrity and entrepreneur, Monica Lewinsky has done many things like she collaborated and teamed up with fellow author Andrew Morton to publish her biography Monica story in 1999. The book sold at a whopping figure of $500,000. She became the most earning celebrity. She had done numerous works like selling a collection of handbags under her name.

CelebrityMonica Lewinsky


Monica Lewinsky has been known for her scandal with Bill Clinton and aftermath the disgrace; she rises to the top celebrity and controversial public figure list and often dragged into multiple controversies regarding her personal life. Lewinsky will always grab the news headlines for her allegation and garner immense support from people. She is a prominent and most notable personality who joins #MeToo scandal and an anti-bullying advocate.

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