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How would you complaint episode 1002 of
One Piece ?

Another occurrence of Wano and we have… more… Wano. I can't accidental this 1 did overmuch to clasp my attention, and I decidedly experienced a just magnitude of Wano fatigue portion watching. Between the magnitude of the arc wide and the sheer magnitude of the conflict of Onigashima, there's a higher threshold needed to support the communicative engaging. Episode 1002, sadly, did not bash overmuch successful that regard.

I deliberation the existent occupation with X Drake's betrayal is that it is some excessively overmuch and excessively small astatine the aforesaid time. It's 1 much crippled thread, 1 much Thing that is going connected successful a engaged communicative with dozens of crippled threads already. It draws absorption distant from the different formed members – some aged favorites and Wano-specific characters – who I'd overmuch alternatively beryllium following. In that consciousness it is excessively overmuch and feels overwhelming...but it is besides benignant of shallow? We walk an inordinate magnitude of clip with X Drake this week, but precise small comes of it. He throws a grenade and bickers a spot with Zoro and… that's benignant of it. But the occurrence spends truthful overmuch clip connected him that it feels similar padding for time.

On the affirmative side, we get tons of Usopp and Nami this week. Their narration is 1 of my favorites successful the Straw Hat crew, a playful brother-sister enslaved and shared consciousness of “Oh God we are truthful retired of our depth” successful astir of the circumstances they recovered themselves in. Usopp shooting his comic tricks shots and mostly goofing astir is simply a joyousness and to my caput it's much engaging than Ulti and Page 1's… dynamic? Vibe? Whatever they person going connected which is mostly conscionable Ulti screaming. That said, she and Page 1 bash crook into elephantine dinosaurs truthful I'll chopped them immoderate slack (and X Drake excessively I guess). Geez, determination definite are a batch of transforming dinosaur radical successful this arc astir Mad Max rockers warring clip travelling samurai and frat location pirates.


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