One Piece Live-Action Update: Meet the Real-Life Straw Hats!

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The Live-Action Project is Coming Along

The One Piece live-action bid is some highly anticipated and highly anxiety-inducing for fans. Live-action movies person failed to present implicit and implicit again. Still, Netflix is throwing a important magnitude of resources into the caller adaptation, truthful fans tin person an magnitude of anticipation that this bid turns retired to beryllium 1 worthy watching! For this series, the actors for the 5 pb roles person been announced! Just who are these Straw Hats? We’re present to instrumentality a look!

Five Straw Hats Announced

Now We Wait

 Meet the Real-Life Straw Hats!

We person the cast, and the Going Merry has been spotted disconnected of the seashore of Cape Town. Though it has taken a fewer years for the shot to get rolling, it looks similar the One Piece live-action task is getting person and person to becoming a finished product! Though live-action anime adaptations are a merchandise that has frightened america successful the past, let’s transverse our fingers for a palmy series! Let america cognize what you deliberation astir the One Piece histrion choices successful the comments!

 Meet the Real-Life Straw Hats!


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