Platinum End Episode 15: Metropoliman vs Mirai

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Platinum End Episode 15 reveals Mirai vs. Metro connected a 1v1 aft Mirai accepted go-all-out. Metro feels that Mirai is taking agelong to sprout him and reminds him to sprout near. He wonders if Mirai develops a strategy to decision him without utilizing wings; Mirai replies that helium wonders if helium is warring existent Metropoliman oregon not. Platinum End’s latest occurrence reveals the duel betwixt 2 God Candidates. Mirai wants to halt Metro from becoming God since Metro is utilizing violence. Mukaido told Mirai that helium was 99% definite they were facing Metro.

Mirai reveals that helium knows, but it is not 100%, and if it were, it would person been different. Metro wonders if Mirai is buying clip to uncover that helium is 100% Metropoliman. He knows that helium cannot onslaught since they usage rules successful the duel, and it is Mirai’s clip to attack. Mukaido told Mirai that helium would cognize that it was Metro went helium took Metro’s disguise aft shooting him. Metro decided to amusement disconnected his look since Mirai doubts him. He presses a button, and Mirai realizes that helium has seen that feline with metallic hair.

Mirai is supprises that Metro is being unfastened and fair. Metro closes his disguise and asks Mirai if helium is satisfied. Mirai admits that ”he” is the aforesaid Metro helium fought astatine the tower. He acknowledgment Metro and unleashes his Red Arrow to blast Metro away. The citizens are besides watching Metro vs. Mirai, but they are disquieted that the camera space sucks since they couldn’t spot Metro’s face. The different punks deliberation it is boring since they don’t cognize Metropoliman’s identity. The OG told the citizens that they should ticker it since it is simply a duel that volition find who volition go God.

Previously connected Platinum End Episode 14

The citizens cognize that that conflict volition determine their savior. But they privation God who won’t torture them since they cognize that if Metro becomes God, helium volition not spare them. The different brainsick drunk Old geezer shouts portion looking astatine the entity that God volition prevention him. The students remark that the OG is nuts. The squad is trying to uncover who Metro is moving with their video. They cognize that idiosyncratic is blocking them from knowing wherever the conflict is. The different Angels are funny successful Mirai and wonderment who volition win.

Platinum End Episode 15Platinum End Episode 15

Metro waits for Mirai to sprout and wonders if Mirai is simply a quality successful a superhero amusement since helium takes his time. Mirai explains wherefore helium did that and that helium wants a just fight. Mukaido notices that Mirai is charging from a region and wonders if that would enactment against Metropoliman. Metro believes that Mirai has made himself easier to kill. He shoots White Arrow towards Mirai, but Mirai pierces done it and aims to destruct Metro’s mask. Metro has realized that and utilized his manus to artifact the Red Arrow. Mukaido wonders whit Red Arrow is not piercing Metro.

Mirai realizes that Red Arrow won’t enactment against Metro since Metro was already pierced. He realizes that Metro knows helium won’t suffer if Mirai uses Red Arrow, and they cannot alteration the regularisation since it is Red Arrow vs. White Arrow. Mira volition usage Red Arrow, and Metro volition usage White Arrow until the conflict ends. Mira believes that helium volition find a mode to pierce Metro. But Metro was amazed erstwhile Mirai’s wings activated. Mirai covers Metro’s look with wings to forestall Metro from firing White Arrow. Metro struggles since helium can’t combat back.

Platinum End Episode 15 Release Date

Platinum End Episode 15 volition beryllium released connected 21 January 2022. Metro unleashes a hidden mini leaf and stabs Mirai’s knees. But Mirai continues to suppress Metro; Metro fails to escaped himself asks Meyza to assistance him. But Meyza realizes that it is 1v1, and nary 1 tin interfere. She keeps quiescent arsenic if she didn’t perceive Metro. But Saki interferes since Metro was cheating erstwhile utilizing a blade. Let’s look astatine Platinum End Episode 15 authoritative details.

Platinum End Episode 15Platinum End Episode 15

Watch Platinum End Episode 15 Online – Streaming Details

You tin ticker Platinum End Episode 15 online connected Crunchyroll & Funimation connected Friday astatine 1:28 AM JST. You tin besides ticker Platinum End Episode 15 connected VRV via Crunchyroll & Digital Network successful the UK. Mirai played his role, and Mukaido decided to decorativeness Metro. Metro begged for mercy, and helium is doing it for his family, and Mirai tin go God. But Mukaido blasts him. Meyza took Metro’s corpse and left. Let’s conscionable erstwhile Platinum End Episode 15 is released.

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