Pop Smoke Net Worth | How Rich is Bashar Barakah Jackson?

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Pop smoke was an acclaimed and versatile pop singer popularly known as an American rapper and songwriter. He has done numerous songs and mostly recorded pop songs. Best known for work like Mix the Woo2, which went on and was became the chartbuster music album for a pop smoke illustrious singing career. He was the prominent familiar pop celebrity who lends voice to many music songs and even wrote songs to garner immense acknowledgment and praiseworthy reward from his fan followers.

Pop smoke signed many music companies for singing pop songs and received phenomenal success in a short period. His most recent work includes Welcome to the Party in April 2019, which still holds the records of the most popular and chartbuster of every pop music categorized albums. Pop smokes achievements and success to stardom highlight his interest in making an enormous contribution to let pop music connect to the global audience, and they can influence the popularity of pop music.

Early Life

The versatile and talented pop artist pop smoke was born on July 20, 1999, in New York. Pop’s initial career growth was full of struggle and often gets the impression that he was involved in drug cases and also arrested for keeping a weapon without a valid license. His break out pop music career began with a single solo song album Welcome to the Party, which later remixed. His debut music album garners massive appreciation and makes him a pop celebrity.

Music CelebrityPop Smoke

Pop always smoke eager to carry forward his excellent singing talents and inspire fellow musicians and pop singers to opt for pop music. He was getting a lot of praise and complement good work in pop singing. Known for a rapper pop smoke has done numerous music songs and finds himself in the spotlight due to his emphatic and versatile singing talents. At the time of death, he holds the highest earned pop singer with a whopping net worth that single out his popularity among the masses.

Personal Life and Achievements

Well, pop smoke after his initial success of the pop album Welcome to the Party, he released his second music album Meet the Woo 2 in Feb 2020. His unfortunate demise will be shocking and hard to believe for all music lovers. He was made pop music to expand worldwide through performing and helping for pop music reach to a global audience. Before his unexpected death, he brings in newness and something contemporary music that will make pop music more inclined to all classes of people.

Music CelebrityPop Smoke

Pop smokes contribute towards making pop music never unnoticed as he mainly encourages listeners to try and practice songs that give them the recognition and make their singing career a lot more accomplishment. His major successful music album Gatti become his exceptional billboard hot 100 charting song and result in top music songs on every music platform. Just before his death, pop smoke released his second album, Meet the Woo 2.

Pop Smoke Net Worth

Pop smokes name goes down in the memory line as the youngest pop music sensation with maximum hits and remember to all as a phenomenal singing talent. His premature death will felt as he was an inspirational and motivated young pop singer and rapper who surpass many current pop singers. His net worth touches an estimated $2 million, leaving behind many contemporary singers and stage personalities in terms of popularity as well as dominant celebrity lists.


Pop smoke has made an impactful impression among the understandable music followers. His breakthrough performance and eager to experiment in pop songs highlight his amazing short career. His shocking and premature death will surely felt, and his versatile singing talents will be missed. Pop smoke contribution towards art and music will make him a towering personality, and his death surely a massive loss to all music industry and followers of pop music.

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