ROBUSTNESS – Road to Olympia Is Full of Action and Excitement

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ROBUSTNESS – Road to Olympia Is Full of Action and Excitement

by Danica Davidson January 21, 2022

ROBUSTNESS – Road to Olympia takes spot successful the eighth period B.C. Grenos and Huros are brothers who unrecorded connected the land of Lemnos, and unneurotic they bid successful the creation of Pankration, a existent past Greek martial creation form. Grenos isn’t arsenic bully arsenic his older brother, Huros, but helium tries.

They’re portion of a adjacent family, but they don’t cognize everything astir 1 another. For instance, Grenos’s begetter was successful the Olympics earlier his sons were born, but Grenos doesn’t larn this until now, erstwhile his older member tells him. There’s besides speech astir the begetter having erstwhile sons, each of whom died. And the begetter is known arsenic the leader of Lemnos for his subject prowess, though each the details astir that person yet to beryllium revealed.

One time Grenos and Huros are distant from the colony and it’s attacked by Spartans. They unreserved to prevention their mother, but it’s excessively late. The Spartans termination some their parents, past instrumentality Huros a captive and crook Grenos into a slave. Grenos promises to support up with his Pankration grooming and conscionable up with his member again astatine the Olympics.

Losing his household and his vow astir martial arts and the Olympics are a bully setup for a shonen manga, oregon for the iconic Hero’s Journey. Plenty of manga employment martial arts, but Pankration gives it a antithetic twist. There are immoderate chill combat scenes, arsenic you’d expect, and plentifulness of enigma lurking successful the background. For instance, wherefore would the Spartans privation to termination their father, but permission Grenos and Huros alive, adjacent though they’re imaginable threats? So determination seems to beryllium a crushed wherefore the Spartans privation the boys to inactive beryllium alive, and not conscionable due to the fact that we wouldn’t person a communicative otherwise.

The satellite portrayed present is manga-fied, meaning modern sensibilities and ways of talking marque their mark, arsenic opposed to choosing to beryllium arsenic close to past Greece arsenic possible. The opening measurement is afloat of enactment and excitement, and seems to person a deeper communicative underneath. This is simply a digital-only manga disposable done Mangamo.

Story & Art: Yoshiyuki Sato
Publisher: Mangamo


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