Sasaki to Miyano Spin-off ‘Hirano to Kagiura’ Anime Adaptation: Will It Happen?

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BL is simply a genre that has been successful request for immoderate clip now, and thus, we are getting caller media connected assorted platforms related to it. Recently, we person been fixed the adaptation of the manga Sasaki to Miyano (Sasaki and Miyano). This manga focuses connected the narration of a precocious schooler named Miyano and his elder person Sasaki. This manga is considered to beryllium 1 of the “fluffiest” manga from the BL genre. It has gained popularity not lone for its storyline but besides for the mode the characters are written. These characters person definite quality improvement which resonates with astir of the viewers. Not lone this, but the anime adaptation beautifully enhances the fuzzy feelings 1 feels erstwhile speechmaking the manga.

It is due to the fact that of these aspects it is fixed that erstwhile the anime ends, fans volition beryllium near wanting much of it. Thanks to the writer of the manga, Harusono Sho, we not lone person this manga continuing but besides person a spin-off with the sanction “Hirano to Kagiura”. Will this spin-off get an anime? Let’s find out.

Sasaki and Miyano’s rotation disconnected “Hirano and Kagiura”

The manga readers, arsenic good arsenic the anime watchers, person been introduced to Hirano from the precise archetypal chapter/episode of the series. Initially, anybody would deliberation of Hirano arsenic Sasaki’s “rival” erstwhile it comes to Miyano. However, arsenic we support connected getting acquainted with this character, we recognize that Hirano is simply a precise protective senpai and astir acts arsenic an older member to Miyano. He is besides a bully person of Sasaki.

Besides this, from the precise beginning, it is hinted that determination is different quality that whitethorn oregon whitethorn not beryllium successful a narration with Hirano. This quality is his roommate, Kagiura. Miyano is adjacent seen teasing Hirano with his roommate’s sanction and adjacent emphasizes the constituent that “roommates to lovers” is simply a bully mounting successful BL.


Well, Miyano was close successful each way. The spin-off mentioned supra chiefly focuses connected the narration improvement of these 2 characters. As Sasaki and Miyano make their relationship, “Hirano to Kagiura” introduces america to the interactions betwixt Hirano and his roommate Kagiura.

From Supporting Characters to Main: Hirano and Kagiura

Although Hirano’s quality was introduced to america astatine the start, Kagiura’s quality was benignant of mysterious to us. All we knew astir him was that helium plays hoops and is Hirano’s inferior roommate. On that note, fto america look into these 2 characters.

Hirano_and_Kagiura_Anime_AdaptationL-R: Hirano and Kagiura

Hirano Taiga

Hirano is 1 of the main characters successful the series. We are archetypal introduced to him lone done his voice, arsenic Miyano calls him for assistance aft coming crossed a lawsuit of bullying. We are officially introduced to him erstwhile helium is shown to beryllium acrophobic astir Sasaki visiting Miyano precise often. He is precise reliable and often precise blunt with his words, ne'er acrophobic to accidental things arsenic it is. Overall, helium is besides a supportive and caring friend. However, the lone happening that is upsetting is his deficiency of knowing of his ain feelings and that of Kagiura. Thus, helium ever brushes disconnected immoderate topics regarding the narration they share.

Kagiura Akira

Kagiura is simply a twelvemonth younger than Hirano, making the second instrumentality attraction of him successful endearing ways. However, it took immoderate clip for Kagiura to get comfy astir his intimidating roommate. Eventually, helium realizes his feelings for his Hirano, which adjacent makes him see marrying him someday. Kagiura is astir apt 1 of the champion boys successful the series. He is precise unfastened astir the things helium loves. Since helium enjoys basketball, helium besides is passionate astir it, causing him to go truly bittersweet erstwhile his squad loses. Kagiura realizes his feelings for Hirano and adjacent attempts to confess, lone to fail. Yet, the narration they 2 stock is dilatory blooming arsenic the communicative progresses.

Will this Spin-Off get an anime?

Unfortunately, no. There has been nary quality yet regarding an anime adaptation of this spin-off. However, successful January 2021, a Drama CD was released based connected a portion of their manga. Considering this arsenic good arsenic however overmuch the bid Sasaki to Miyano is loved by fans, we tin expect an anime adaptation from the aforesaid studio.

Till then, you tin ticker Sasaki to Miyano connected platforms similar Funimation arsenic good arsenic connected Ani-One’s YouTube Channel.

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