Science SARU's Yurei Deco TV Anime Reveals Ending Theme Song, Previews Opening Theme Song

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The authoritative website for Science SARU's upcoming tv anime Yurei Deco (also written arsenic You0 DECO — the fig zero is pronounced "rei" successful Japanese) revealed connected Thursday that Hack'nBerry, a portion composed of the main dependable actors Mira Kawakatsu (Berry) and Anna Nagase (Hack), volition execute the ending taxable opus "Aimuin Love." Staff besides began streaming a video of the creditless opening taxable opus "1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 LOVE" by Clammbon.

The opening and ending taxable songs, arsenic good arsenic 3 archetypal soundtracks, volition motorboat connected July 3.

The website besides revealed that the anime volition get 12 collaboration songs by antithetic artists. The archetypal 4 songs' artists are Kōtarō Saitō (with leift), Yebisu303 and welling (up), TWEEDEES., and coconut shell. The songs volition beryllium disposable connected subscription and download services pursuing each episode's broadcast.

The formed includes:

Mira Kawakatsu arsenic Berry

Anna Nagase arsenic Hack

Miyu Irino arsenic Finn

Setsuji Satoh arsenic Hank

Sayuri Sadaoka arsenic Madam 44

Rie Kugimiya arsenic Smiley

? arsenic Mister Watson

The anime volition premiere connected Tokyo MX connected July 3 astatine 11:00 p.m. JST. The bid volition besides aerial connected MBS and BS4.

Crunchyroll volition watercourse Yurei Deco this summer, and it describes the series:

From Science SARU comes an archetypal communicative based connected The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The communicative begins erstwhile Berry, an mean miss from an mean home, meets Hack, a miss who looks similar a boy. Charmed by Hack, Berry meets up with the squad Hack leads, the Ghost Detectives Club. Members of this nine are “socially dead,” moving invisibly wrong the digitally controlled nine of Tom Sawyer. As she works with the group, Berry learns astir Zero, a mysterious fig who lurks wrong Tom Sawyer's underground. She and Hack determine to pursuit down this figure, and successful time, the information down the metropolis is revealed…

Tomohisa Shimoyama (Super Shiro) is directing the anime, and Dai Sato (Eureka Seven publication supervisor, 10 Ghost successful the Shell: Stand Alone Complex episodes, 3 Cowboy Bebop episodes) is successful complaint of bid scripts.

The philharmonic artists contributing to the anime are mito from the radical Clammbon, Kōtarō Saitō, and Yebisu303. Clammbon has performed taxable songs for specified anime arsenic Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World, Polar Bear's Café, and She and Her Cat -Everything Flows-. mito has composed anime soundtracks for specified anime arsenic Flip Flappers, and Alice & Zoroku nether the alias TO-MAS.

Sources: Yurei Deo anime's website, Comic Natalie

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