Seven Seas Licenses Vivy Prototype LN, Evil Secret Society of Cats Manga

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Seven Seas Licenses Vivy Prototype LN, Evil Secret Society of Cats Manga

by Danica Davidson January 13, 2022


Seven Seas Entertainment conscionable shared immoderate licensing quality and descriptions of titles they’ll beryllium releasing shortly.

First up, they licensed the Vivy Prototype airy novels by Eiji Umehara and Tappei Nagatsuki. Volume 1 debuts successful August, and meantime they gave america this description:

“Vivy, the world’s archetypal autonomous AI, sings to bring joyousness to her assemblage arsenic a formed subordinate of NiaLand, Japan’s largest taxable park. In this world, AIs person go integral to quality beingness and beryllium to transportation retired their missions. One day, retired of the blue, an AI claiming to beryllium from the aboriginal approaches her, revealing that successful 1 100 years, precocious AIs volition crook connected the humans they erstwhile served, sparking a convulsive warfare to annihilate humankind! When helium asks for her assistance successful preventing the conflict, Vivy agrees to ditch the signifier and instrumentality up the century-long ngo against her benignant successful bid to prevention humanity.”

Next up is You Like Me, Not My Daughter?! (Musume Janakute, Watashi ga Suki Nano!? successful the archetypal Japanese) by Tesshin Azuma, a manga adaptation based connected the airy novels by Kōta Nozomi and Giuniu. It debuts successful November, and Seven Seas gave this description:

“When Ayako’s sister died, leaving her young girl each alone, Ayako stepped up and took the kid into her life. Now that her niece/adopted girl is simply a teenager, a 30-something Ayako tin consciousness archetypal emotion successful the air. Ayako teases her girl astir Takumi, their handsome and college-aged neighbor, who’s been tutoring her since she was young–could they beryllium a blossoming couple, since he’s ever beaming erstwhile helium comes to their house? To Ayako’s surprise, Takumi isn’t funny successful girl dearest: he’s agelong had a crush connected Ayako herself! In this property spread romanticist comedy, 1 young antheral is acceptable to bring a small sweetener to the sexy ma adjacent door.”

The 3rd and past rubric announced is the manga The Evil Secret Society of Cats (Aku nary Himitsu Sōshiki Neko successful the archetypal Japanese) by Pandania. It debuts successful October, and they gave this description:

“‘Let america thatch the humans astir the fearfulness of cats!’ They whitethorn look cute and cuddly (okay, they decidedly are), but this concealed nine of cats is up to nary good! Under the absorption of the purple-caped General, The Evil Secret Society of Cats schemes against humanity successful a bid of hilarious plots arsenic adorable arsenic they are diabolical. Can these cats efficaciously terrorize the humans, oregon are they doomed to beryllium petted alternatively than feared? Don’t miss this full-color manga communicative of saccharine but sinister shenanigans!”

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