Shadowverse Flame Anime Previewed Ahead of April Debut

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Shadowverse Flame Anime Previewed Ahead of April Debut

by Joseph Luster January 12, 2022

shadowverse flame

The archetypal promotional video has arrived for Shadowverse Flame, the 2nd anime to beryllium based connected Cygames, Inc.’s mobile paper battling crippled Shadowverse. In summation to revealing plans for an April 2 premiere, the main formed has been announced, and there’s besides a caller cardinal visual, truthful cheque retired the latest update below.

Leading the complaint for the formed of Shadowverse Flame are Yuto Uemura arsenic Light Tenryu, Hibiku Yamamura arsenic Itsuki Mitsutagawa, Kazuki Ura arsenic Subaru Makabe, and Shiori Izawa arsenic Dragnir.

You tin spot however the anime’s archetypal communicative is shaping up successful the promo:


Crunchyroll streamed the archetypal Shadowverse anime arsenic it aired and describes it:

The hottest conflict is astir to begin!

While attending Tensei Academy, Hiro Ryugasaki ends up acquiring a mysterious smartphone. It comes installed with the fashionable paper game, Shadowverse!

Meeting caller rivals, facing large tournaments, forging bonds with friends… Shadowverse leads Hiro to each sorts of caller experiences, each that service to “evolve” him…

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