Soul Hackers 2 Game's Trailer Reveals English Dub Cast

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posted connected 2022-06-23 22:18 EDT by Rafael Antonio Pineda

Game launches successful West connected August 26

Atlus unveiled a trailer for its Soul Hackers 2 game for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows, and Steam connected Tuesday. The trailer reveals the game's English dub cast.

The game's English dub cast, nether English dependable manager Christian La Monte, includes:

The crippled volition get a Digital Deluxe Edition that includes a Booster Item Pack and bonus communicative arc, "The Lost Numbers." The Premium Edition includes those items, arsenic good arsenic a costume and BGM pack, bonus demon pack, Ai-ho Demon, and Mary's Maid Frock Outfit. Pre-orders are disposable now.

Atlus volition merchandise the crippled successful Japan connected August 25. Atlus West volition merchandise the crippled successful English connected August 26, and Sega Europe volition besides merchandise the crippled connected August 26.

Atlus West describes the game:

In a warfare betwixt Devil Summoners, it's up to Ringo and her squad to decrypt destiny and prevention the satellite from apocalypse!

Atlus released the Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers crippled arsenic portion of its wide Shin Megami Tensei franchise for Sega Saturn successful 1997, PlayStation successful 1999, and Nintendo 3DS successful 2012. Atlus released the 3DS mentation successful North America successful 2013.

Atlus released the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner crippled for Sega Saturn successful 1995, and past released it for PlayStation Portable successful 2005.

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