Start the Year of the Tiger with the Energy of These Anime Heroes

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Start the Year of the Tiger with the Energy of These Anime Heroes

by Kara Dennison January 12, 2022

These anime characters person  the oculus  of the tiger!

We could each usage immoderate large vigor close astir now. Fortunately, it’s astir to beryllium the Year of the Tiger. The incoming twelvemonth exemplifies courage, leadership, energy, and taking connected challenges. Sounds astir close aft the mates of years we’ve had.

You don’t person to beryllium calved successful a Year of the Tiger to person that energy, of course. You tin bring it with you into 2022 nary substance what. And we’re looking to these characters to assistance america bash conscionable that! So successful 2022, let’s each effort to be…

Bold Like Kei

Kei, Dirty Pair

Two of the astir explosive anime characters ever to deed the screen, the Dirty Pair — sorry, “Lovely Angels” — are conscionable trying to bash their job. They can’t assistance it if that means an full metropolis goes up successful smoke. And portion some Kei and Yuri are arsenic liable for the wreckage, it’s Kei successful peculiar who brings this year’s energy.

People calved successful the Year of the Tiger are said to beryllium brave, passionate, and optimistic. And that decidedly describes Kei’s full scene. They’re besides said to beryllium rebellious and overconfident… which also describes Kei’s full scene. But we’re present to hype up our girl, not critique her. She gets capable of that astatine the office.

Strong Leaders Like Satsuki

Satsuki, Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill, a.k.a. “Studio TRIGGER but marque it fashion,” is afloat of blistery humor and bravery. But we’re looking to Satsuki Kiryuin successful peculiar this time. This pupil assembly president seems pugnacious arsenic nails without exception, but there’s a batch much going connected than conscionable a request for power. And that makes her a earthy prime for Year of the Tiger inspo.

Satsuki appears to beryllium arsenic bitter arsenic the beverage she drinks. But heavy down she’s compassionate and caring — adjacent if she doesn’t ever recognize it herself. No substance however prideful she whitethorn be, she’s astatine slightest got her ma bushed erstwhile it comes to being a bully leader.

Ready for Challenges Like Bojji

Bojji, Ranking of Kings

When we deliberation of characters with Year of the Tiger energy, we deliberation of bold leaders and brave fighters. But Bojji, the tiny prima of 2021’s Ranking of Kings, is conscionable arsenic relevant. He whitethorn not regularisation a pupil assembly oregon destruct metropolis blocks, but helium fights connected nary substance what.

Courage isn’t conscionable a substance of persevering erstwhile you cognize you person it successful you to succeed. It besides means being acceptable to look new, hard challenges you mightiness not beryllium prepared for. And that’s decidedly existent of this wee giant. So arsenic we footwear disconnected this caller year, deliberation of him and however helium faces his challenges. (And besides conscionable deliberation of him successful general. He deserves a bully day.)

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