The Rose of Versailles Episodes Release Postponed Till Next Year

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The Rose of Versailles Episodes Release Postponed Till Next Year

by Danica Davidson June 23, 2022

The Rose of Versailles Episodes manga by Riyoko Ikeda has had its English work postponed. Though it was primitively expected to travel retired this year, Chief of Udon Entertainment Erik Ko explained that its merchandise docket has changed due to the fact that of “supply concatenation issues of the full printing and publishing industry.” The Rose of Versailles Episodes, which volition dwell of 2 omnibus manga, volition present travel retired successful 2023.

The steadfast gave this statement of the manga:

“More than 25 years aft she finished the archetypal series, Riyoko Ikeda-sensei started a caller serialization successful 2013 with stories focusing connected assorted broadside characters that are happening successful a parallel timeline arsenic the archetypal comics. This gives the readers a overmuch much in-depth look astatine characters similar Andre, Alan, Gerodelle, and Rosalie.”

Udon Entertainment has published the archetypal Rose of Versailles manga successful 5 omnibus volumes. The Rose of Versailles debuted successful 1972, and became 1 of the astir palmy shojo manga of each time. Decades later, successful 2013, Ikeda began moving connected the Rose of Versailles Episodes manga.

Udon Entertainment gave this statement for the archetypal measurement of The Rose of Versailles:

“Oscar François de Jarjeyes is simply a young noblewoman raised arsenic a lad by her father. As commandant of Marie Antoinette’s palace guard, Oscar is brought face-to-face with the luxury of King Louis XVI’s tribunal astatine Versailles. Joined by her servant André, Oscar is privy to the intrigue and deceit of France’s past large royal regime.

The Rose of Versailles, the queen of shojo manga, is disposable for the archetypal clip successful English! This deluxe hardcover measurement contains the archetypal 22 chapters of Riyoko Ikeda’s humanities fabrication masterwork.”

The Rose of Versailles has received aggregate adaptations, including a TV anime series, an animated movie, and a live-action movie created betwixt France and Japan.

Source: ANN

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