The Seven Deadly Sins, Power Levels Confirmed!

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One of the astir epic stories you ever heard and immoderate champion enactment sequences you person ever seen! This connection perfectly describes The Seven Deadly Sins anime, released successful October 2014. The communicative of Seven legendary warriors sets connected a quest to reestablish their glory by helping Princess Elizabeth to decision their communal enemy. The bid was named according to Roman Catholic theology. Each of the 7 knights signifies the 7 deadly curses similar pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.

There are truthful galore beardown characters successful this anime and connected apical of them the 7 knights. Each of them has its unsocial sets of abilities and conflict IQ. All of them person their highs and lows against antithetic enemies connected antithetic days. That’s wherefore determination are ever conflicts that who is stronger than whom. To clarify this, Today made a thorough list of 7 deadly sins ranked according to their powerfulness levels and warring abilities. Let’s find retired who is the strongest!

7. Gowther (1,700)

The weakest of each the deadly sins is inactive rather powerful. Gowther’s embodiment of Goat’s Sin of Lust is rather tricky. He has the magical quality of caput manipulation but has a fragile assemblage structure. He is the analytical benignant of guy, calculating each result earlier moving immoderate muscle. Not that it’s his fault, helium was made similar this by a large wizard.

Growther - The Seven Deadly SinsGrowther

His Sacred Treasure is the Twin energy, Bow named Herritt. His quality allows him to infiltrate others’ minds (many astatine a time) and marque them daydream astir thing helium wants. But the spell tin beryllium easy breached if they recovered thing disturbing, still, it’s rather effective. Growther got afloat marks for his conflict IQ and analytical abilities but didn’t chopped successful magical powers and carnal resistance. In immoderate scenarios, helium is the astir almighty but successful others, not that much.

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6. Diana (2,800)

Daughter of giants has brutal carnal spot compared to different sins. She besides has galore magical powers, 1 of which is controlling the earth. But contempt these abilities, she is connected the 2nd past connected our database due to the fact that of her deficiency of warring skills and conflict IQ. Diana punches definite battalion a batch of power, but what it’s worthy if it doesn’t connect. Her Sacred Treasure is the War Hammer besides known arsenic Gideon. Her abilities were besides acknowledged by her clan elders and she was made the successor of the Giants clan.


Serpent’s Sin of Envy Diane is 1 of the characters anyone wants to debar a 1 o 1 confrontation. Her large size is simply a positive constituent for her. She tin question miles precise accelerated and destruct cities successful an instant. Of course, it doesn’t enactment her connected the apical but saves her from falling to stone bottom.

5. Merlin (3,200) – Mage of The Seven Deadly Sins

Her powers don’t warrant her carnal appearance. She is the cleanable illustration of the punctuation – quality tin beryllium deceptive. The Boar’s Sin of Gluttony Merlin is besides known arsenic the greatest mage in Britannia. She is the 1 successful the 7 sins having abilities similar teleportation, conjuration, mind, and substance manipulation. Her Sacred Treasure is the Morning Star Aldan, A floating orb from which she tin summon her existent strengths and her powerfulness named infinity.

Merlin - The Seven Deadly SinsMerlin

But what gave distant her was her deficiency of versatility. In the lawsuit of carnal fights, she doesn’t basal a chase. Physically she is hardly stronger than the King. Of course, her quality and quality pull much fans, but popularity and powerfulness are 2 antithetic things.

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4. King (5,400)

Harlequin, the king of the Fairy Realm, is besides known arsenic the King. He represents the Grizzly Sin of Sloth successful the 7 deadly sins. His misdeed was that helium abandoned his duties to support the ineffable histrion and permission her beloved sister and people to task quality world. After immoderate time, erstwhile helium left, his full fairy people was killed by demons and humans. He carries their decease load connected her shoulders until the precise end.


His ineffable treasure and salient limb are the Spirit Spear Chastiefol. Made from the wood of the ineffable tree, it tin determination astatine the king’s will. What takes him isolated is the versatile uses of his weapon. He tin alert and people his force from acold away. But his anemic assemblage and zero warring skills enactment him down connected the 4th presumption connected our list.

3. Ban (6,700) – Immortal One of The Seven Deadly Sins

We are successful the Endgame Now! Now nary pulling punches, existent guns are out.

Ben is the embodiment of Greed from the 7 deadly sins. His household consists of Elaine his woman and a lad named Lancelot. He was erstwhile immortal but had to springiness it distant to prevention Elaine’s life. He was the lone subsister of the Fairy King Forest incidental but was accused to behaviour the massacre for the lust of eternal life.


One of his abilities, Snatch, allows him to bargain others’ abilities and powers. Fox’s Sin of Greed having an quality named snatch is conscionable clever writing! His Sacred Treasure is the Holy Rod Courechouse, a nunchuck benignant of instrumentality but with 4 rods. Every 1 of the 7 deadly sins has tons and tons of magical powerfulness that tin beryllium summoned with their magical tools. Some of them are rather anemic without them and had precise mediocre carnal composure.

Ban, connected the different hand, has some carnal and magical powerfulness successful abundance. His warring skills and usage of magical powers are good balanced, positive his immortality. That brings him to the apical 3 of our list.

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2. Escanor (8,900)

Escanor and Meliodas are often debated connected who is stronger? I personally deliberation that Escanor is much almighty than Meliodas physically and besides superior successful skills. But we are not present lone to measure their carnal capabilities. Escanor Lion’s Sin of Pride is the erstwhile 2nd prince of the Kingdom of Castellio. His sacrad treasure is an ax named Rhitta.

Escanor - The Seven Deadly SinsEscanor

The Strongest Holy Knight of the Kingdom of Liones is besides 1 of the strongest characters successful the full series. He is simply a brutal monster, truthful galore times claimed by others to beryllium the strongest. He has some overwhelming carnal and magical powers. On apical of that, his quality amplifies his spot with the sun’s uprise, but this besides leaves him susceptible astatine night. He is the mightiest but adjacent that’s not capable to decision Meliodas.

1. Meliodas (10,000) – The Strongest of The Seven Deadly Sins

An honorable observation, Meliodas is the astir stubborn pervert I person ever seen successful immoderate anime. With that said, helium is besides the strongest quality of the 7 deadly sins. He is the caption of the 7 deadly sins, caput of the 10 commitments, and the proprietor of the tavern Boar Hat. He is the pinnacle of each the powerfulness and skills and the astir humble quality successful the anime.


Let’s commencement from the beginning. Meliodas the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath and the protagonist of the 7 deadly sins. It’s the irony that the misdeed of wrath is the calmest character. His misdeed was his inability to prevention his person Elisabeth’s life. Meliodas Sacred Treasure is the Demon Sword Lostvayne with which helium is an unstoppable force. His abilities named afloat antagonistic redirect each nary carnal attacks connected his hostile with treble power!

At the opening of the story, helium was truthful almighty that without his ineffable treasure and each his powers locked by Merlin helium was inactive capable to instrumentality down beatified nights. It was besides said that nary 1 saw him utilizing a implicit sword due to the fact that not a azygous hostile survived to archer the tails astir it!

There you person it, The Seven Deadly Sins, Power Levels ranked! Many of these characters amusement fluctuations successful their warring powerfulness astatine galore stages of the anime but we person ranked them according to their last forms. At the opening of the anime, Escanor was shown arsenic the strongest character, but things alteration with time. Whoever comes connected apical but each the 7 deadly sins are arsenic important and babelike connected each other. Some of them are mad, immoderate are reckless, immoderate are calm-minded and immoderate are anemic but erstwhile each comes unneurotic determination is nary different greater unit than them.

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