The Shrine Maiden Ritual In Episode 10 of Shikizakura

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Shikizakura Episode 10reveals Enju taking connected the brag of Nether World. Kakeru wields Ibara to look a caller force emerging from the Nether Realm. Ibara realizes that helium knew the force they were facing, which is much potent than they tin imagine. The caller force took a reddish crystal and swallowed it. Kakeru tries to fight, but helium gets knocked out. Ibara’s powers vanishes, and Kakeru onshore connected the ground. The force vanished and returned to the Nether Realm. In the latest occurrence of Shikizakura, Kakeru tries to pass with Ibara, but Ibara doesn’t respond.

Kakeru notices that his bracelet is damaged and wonders what has happened to Ibara. The evil Ninjas chases a miss saved by a Samurai successful different world. The Samurai slash those Ninjas earlier they laic hands connected the girl. He asks the remaining Ninja if they deliberation it is just to pack up connected a azygous girl. The brag arrives and calls the Samurai Myojin Enju. The brag asks Enju to surrender the Shrine Maiden. Enju refuses and says helium alternatively die. The brag gets furious and wields his sword.

The underlings decided not to interfere and allowed Enju to spell one-on-one with the boss. Enju clashed his sword with the boss’s sword. He managed to chopped the look masks of the brag and appears down the boss. The brag wonders however a specified quality tin wounded his face. In the contiguous day, Takeru wakes up aft recovering from a combat with the powerful, mysterious force that vanished. He notices that helium is successful a spot that looks similar the infirmary and wonders what happened. Kakeru looks astatine his bracelets and realizes that Ibara has not said thing to him.

Previously connected Shikizakura Episode 9

Ryo enters the country and finds that Kakeru is awake. Kakeru talks astir the Yoroi and that Ibara’s armor protects him. Ryo reveals that they person a occupation and reveals that the Nether Realm has swallowed the city’s base. Benion gathers everyone and talks astir the Onis. She orders Ukon and Issa to articulation her look the Onis since they person travel to onslaught them. Ryo thinks that helium should get support to articulation them. Ryo and his squad wield their Yoroi and get acceptable for battle. Kakeru thought helium could bash that, but Ibara didn’t respond.

Shikizakura Episode 10Shikizakura

Ryo tells Kakeru to support Lady Oka since helium can’t signifier a pact with Ibara. Kakeru accepted that and stayed with Oka wrong the hall. The full squad heads retired to look the rampaging Onis. Oka consoles Kakeru aft noticing that helium wants to articulation the fight. She tells them that they volition return. An Oni invades the hallway and appears down Kakeru and Oka. Kakeru wonders however to support Oka since Ibara is not communicating with him. He tells Ibara to respond since they are successful danger. The Oni attacks and Kakeru closes his eyes. But Benio returns and slices them successful half.

She decided to enactment with Kakeru and Oka since nary 1 could support them. The Onis fell and Benio heads to the HQ to speech with the higher-ups successful the morning. She tells them that the Onis had a intent aft attacking them. Benio reveals that each the Onis they person defeated were targeting Oka arsenic idiosyncratic has ordered them. The higher-ups inquire astir Ibara, and Issa reveals that Ibara is not responding. The person told Benio that the clip had come, and they had to bash the ritual successful the morning.

Shikizakura Episode 10 Release Date

Shikizakura Episode 10 volition beryllium released connected 12 December 2021. Benio thinks that the Shrine Maiden Ritual is taking spot excessively soon. The person tells her that they person to enactment quickly, oregon Oka volition autumn connected the hands of Onis. They recognize that the Nether Realm volition devour the full satellite if they hold things. The brag of the Onis arrives astatine the temple wherever the ritual volition instrumentality place. Let’s look astatine Shikizakura Episode 10 authoritative details.

Shikizakura Episode 10Shikizakura

Watch Shikizakura Episode 10 Online – Streaming Details

You tin ticker Shikizakura Episode 10 online connected ANIPLUS & HIDIVE connected Sunday astatine 1:55 AM. You besides tin ticker Shikizakura Episode 10 online connected Anime Digital Network & Bilibili TV. Oka recalls however she mislaid her begetter to the Onis and talked with Kakeru astir that. Kakeru and Oka visited Oka’s home. She tells Kakeru to support connected living, and Kakeru realizes that helium wants to go a leader and prevention Oka. Let’s conscionable erstwhile Shikizakura Episode 10 is released.

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