To Love-Ru Manga Author Celebrates Twitter Milestone with Frieza Art

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To Love-Ru Manga Author Celebrates Twitter Milestone with Frieza Art

by Joseph Luster January 18, 2022


Who doesn’t emotion Frieza? The iconic Dragon Ball Z villain is ever connected our minds, and it seems that besides applies to manga writer Kentaro Yabuki, who is champion known for the To Love-Ru series and is presently serializing the Ayakashi Triangle manga. The creator precocious joked astir drafting his ain mentation of Frieza erstwhile helium reached 530,000 followers connected Twitter, and erstwhile that milestone was hit, helium delivered with a positively posterior positioned rotation connected the villain.

Check retired the results below.

Yabuki’s existent series, Ayakashi Triangle, is moving successful the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and published successful English by VIZ Media. A TV anime adaptation is presently successful the works, and here’s however VIZ describes the series:

Teenage exorcist ninja Matsuri has his hands afloat protecting his municipality from harmful ayakashi. But each that exorcising has hardened his bosom to the playful and helpless ones. Enter Suzu, Matsuri’s puerility person who has a crush connected him, and who calls ayakashi her friends. But 1 day, erstwhile Suzu is attacked by a almighty ayakashi, Matsuri ends up magically transformed into a girl! The jutsu is permanent, truthful present helium has 2 challenges—defeat the increasing fig of ayakashi targeting Suzu and larn however to unrecorded arsenic a girl! Is helium man, oregon woman, capable for the task?

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