Tokyo Godfathers Gets Potential Christmas Eve Screenings in Japan

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posted connected 2021-11-24 15:45 EST by Kim Morrissy

3 cinemas successful Japan volition clasp screenings for Satoshi Kon's Christmas movie classical if implicit 55 tickets are purchased by December 10

Satoshi Kon's Tokyo Godfathers is simply a quintessential Christmas story. The classical 2003 anime movie could marque its mode backmost to large screens successful Japan conscionable for this year's Christmas if it gets capable enactment from fans.

Three cinemas successful Japan are readying to clasp Christmas Eve screenings: Tokyo's Shinjuku Piccadily, Aichi's Midnight Square Cinema, and Osaka's Namba Parks Cinema. The screenings astatine each venue volition lone spell up if implicit 55 tickets are purchased by December 10.

The movie reappraisal work Filmarks is organizing the task nether its "Premium Ticket" initiative, which aims to enactment classical films backmost successful theaters. The work is besides holding a Twitter giveaway run exclusive to Japan residents with a prize of 10 year-end jumbo lottery tickets—another notation to events wrong the film's story.

The anime movie premiered successful Japan successful November 2003. Columbia Tristar opened the movie successful the United States successful December of that year. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the movie connected DVD successful North America successful 2004. GKIDS screened a 4K restoration of the movie successful the United States and released it connected Blu-ray Disc and BD/DVD combo battalion successful 2020. The merchandise included a caller English dub.

GKIDS describes the film's story:

In modern-day Tokyo, 3 stateless people's lives are changed everlastingly erstwhile they observe a babe miss astatine a garbage dump connected Christmas Eve. As the New Year accelerated approaches, these 3 forgotten members of nine set unneurotic to lick the enigma of the abandoned kid and the destiny of her parents. Along the way, encounters with seemingly unrelated events and radical unit them to face their ain haunted pasts, arsenic they larn to look their future, together.

The movie besides precocious inspired a signifier play that ran astatine the New National Theater Tokyo successful May 2021.

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