Top 12 Anime Waifu of 2022 You’ll Fall In Love With

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Every otaku has a list of apical anime waifu according to their preferences. Waifus are the perfect beingness spouse successful an Otaku’s caput for those wondering what a waifu is. There is nary peculiar regularisation publication for what a idiosyncratic whitethorn oregon whitethorn not find attractive. What majorly attracts a spectator to a definite quality is her property traits. The traits are, of course, taxable to one’s choices, taste, and inclination. Sometimes, these are not adjacent the traits we expect. People thin to spell beyond looks, acceptable bodies, and crisp facial features. What they question much is characteristics specified arsenic a consciousness of wit oregon kindness, loyalty, oregon intelligence.

Some of you mightiness similar your emblematic Tsunderes. They are mean connected the extracurricular and saccharine connected the inside. For example, Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion. While immoderate are fond of Yanderes, ones who spell apeshit brainsick for radical they love, similar Yuno from Future Diary. However, Kuuderes are regarded arsenic the coolest successful the community. Annie Leonhart from Attack connected Titan exemplifies Kuudere perfectly. On the different hand, Danderes are painfully shy and an highly uncommon find. For example, our beauteous Hinata Hyuga from Naruto. Here we contiguous you a database of apical 12 anime waifus you’ll autumn successful emotion with:

1. Kitagawa Marin

Kitagawa Marin is the main pistillate protagonist of My Dress-Up Darling. She is simply a apical waifu radical emotion and spell brainsick about. She is simply a thinly built pistillate with a tiny waistline. Above that, she has an mean height. Her eyes are acheronian brown, but she wears pinkish contacts. She has long, silky blonde hairsbreadth with bangs.

Kitagawa Marin

My Dress Up Darling

Marin is loud, messy, and clumsy. However, she acts mature erstwhile required. She is kind, friendly, and cheerful too. Fans emotion her due to the fact that she is simply a cosplayer and an Otaku. She loves speechmaking manga and playing big video games. She is non-judgemental, earnest, and precise bold. These property traits service arsenic an summation to what fans emotion astir her. Besides, she procrastinates a lot. She gets easy embarrassed. She’s not each sweetener and everything nice. The small spice she comes on with makes this top-notch Waifu an implicit delight.

2. Ninym Ralei

Ninym Ralei is an over-the-top anime waifu. She features successful Tensai Ouji nary Akaji. She wears a frilled achromatic apical and a skirt. Besides, she pairs it with a drape starting from her waist and extending to her knees. It is purple successful color. She is simply a beauteous miss with achromatic locks and reddish eyes.

Ninym Ralei

Tensai Ouji nary Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu

Fans adore her due to the fact that of her strict property combined with her caring side. She is precise peculiar astir completing each task connected time. Meanwhile, she makes definite to sneak a small amusive into the moving hours. She teases the royalty she’s sworn to from clip to time. Additionally, she tries to bring retired the champion successful the radical astir her. On apical of that, she is highly loyal and intelligent. All these quality traits marque fans spell caput implicit heels for this top-grade waifu.

3. Aki Makoto

Aki Makoto is 1 of the top-ranked anime waifus. She is simply a quality from the anime Princess Connect. She has purple hairsbreadth extending to her waist and agleam yellowish eyes. Her attire includes a achromatic vessel apical paired with frilled purple shorts. This wolf miss tin charm anyone with her looks.

Aki Makoto

Princess Re: Connect

She is loyal to her teammates and leaves nary chromatic unturned successful defending them. Her loyalty is 1 of the galore things fans adore astir her. Another happening would beryllium her superhuman spot and sword warring skills. Her superior limb is simply a single-edged sword. Besides that, she is bubbly and loves making sweets successful her escaped time. There’s nary mode anyone would not succumb to this top-class anime waifu’s beauty.

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4. Yor Forger

This top-ranked anime waifu makes radical suffer their minds. She is simply a tritagonist successful Spy x Family. She is an assassin and goes by the sanction “Thorn Princess”. Additionally, she is fair, has reddish eyes and agelong achromatic hair. She wears a backless reddish sweater paired with achromatic tights astatine home.

Yor Forger

Spy x Family

Yor is introverted, socially awkward, and incredibly polite. She asks if she tin instrumentality her target’s beingness distant earlier the assassination. Moreover, she is benignant and cares for her member and adopted girl deeply. She imagines solving each occupation done execution successful her mind. On apical of that, she has an affinity for weapons. Some fans find this property trait sexy. Besides, Yor is highly gullible and easy befooled. It depicts an adorable facet of the quality of this top-notch anime waifu that fans spell brainsick for.

5. Tokisaki Kurumi

Tokisaki features successful Date A Live. This top-grade anime waifu is really an antagonist. People emotion her for her evil nature. She is called the worst tone and reported to beryllium the astir unsafe tone ever known. Her tegument is pearly. She has agelong achromatic hair, which she ties successful 2 duplicate tails. One of her eyes is tinted successful red, portion the different is timepiece similar and aureate successful color. She covers it with her bangs. Apart from that, she is breathtakingly beautiful.

Tokisaki Kurumi

Date a Live

Tokisaki dislikes humanity and has killed 10,000 people. However, she deems her acts arsenic just. It is due to the fact that the radical she killed were mostly rapists and murderers. Despite the affirmative successful her twisted consciousness of justice, she thinks of herself arsenic evil. Tokisaki astir attacks anyone who speaks good of her. She puts connected an guiltless look and appears polite and elegant. However, successful reality, she is simply a huffy pistillate with utmost humor lust. This top-rated anime waifu’s toxic, dual quality is wherefore fans complaint highly of her.

6. Kiruya Momochi

Kiruya Momochi is simply a quality successful Princess Connect: Re Dive! This top-grade anime waifu goes by the alias of Karyl. Karyl has just tegument with crisp greenish eyes. She has agelong acheronian grey hair. She ties them into 2 pigtails curled astatine the end. As her attire, she wears indigo and a gold-colored bodice. Her sleeves are ruffled and off-shoulder from above. She has feline ears.

Kiruya Momochi

Princess Connect Re Dive

She is simply a chatterbox and doesn’t deliberation earlier she speaks. Moreover, she is easy annoyed and confused. Karyl is mostly a tsundere. She is harsh connected the extracurricular and brushed connected the inside. It is depicted successful the mode she perpetually complains astir her friend. Yet, she follows her without flinching. Fans emotion that she is kind-hearted. They sympathize with her erstwhile she feels lonely. Kiruya loves cats. Another happening radical wholly adore astir her. This over-the-top anime waifu has managed to triumph a cardinal hearts.

7. Mira Suou

Mira Suou is considered arsenic a top-notch and hottest anime waifu successful 2022. She features successful World’s End Harem. She has tanned tegument and bluish eyes. Her agelong purple hairsbreadth extends to her waist. She has achromatic eyelashes and a mole connected the apical of her eye. Her curvy fig is what makes fans drool implicit her. Her attire includes a black, airy blue, and achromatic garment with a zipper going down successful the middle.

Mira Suou

Mira Haremette

Mira is calm and non-expressive. As mysterious is the caller sexy, this property trait intrigues her fans the most. On apical of that, she is benignant and thoughtful. This archetypal adjunct haramette has caught the fans’ attention. They look guardant to seeing a caller broadside of her successful the future.

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8. Desumi Magahara

Desumi is simply a quality featuring successful Love After World Domination. She is simply a top-level anime waifu. She has bottle-green eyes and blonde hair. Her attire includes a beige skirt with a bow connected the waistband. She wears a plain achromatic t-shirt and a achromatic bralette implicit that. Her simplistic features and attire marque her basal retired and look perfectly stunning.

desumi magahara

Love aft satellite domination

People are acrophobic of her owed to her superhuman strength. On apical of that, she is simply a hand-to-hand combat expert. She is selfless and has a inclination to enactment others first. Fans find her to beryllium the cleanable woman material. She is caring and gets jealous easily. Moreover, she is honorable and cannot fake emotions. Her romanticist narration with Fudo is what astir radical desire. Therefore, fans are not incorrect successful imagining themselves successful Fudo’s place. She’s a top-grade anime waifu radical cannot resist.

9. Takagi

Takagi is the pistillate protagonist successful Karakai Jōzu nary Takagi-san. This top-notch anime waifu is closest to perfect. She has an mean height. Her complexion is just and her assemblage is lean. She has shoulder-length brownish hair. They’re neatly combed and scope till her precocious back. Her eyes are brownish successful color. She has a rosy tint connected her cheeks. She wears a sailor azygous to her school. In winters, she wears a reddish bowtie, bluish skirt paired with stockings.

Takagi is benignant and caring. She is clever, smart, and intelligent. She is simply a large pupil and stands retired with exceptionally bully grades. Additionally, She has the quality to work faces that fans admire. She tin archer what’s going connected successful someone’s caput by looking astatine them. What an admirable prime for a waifu to have! On apical of that, she is fearless and not easy scared. Also, she is carefree and holds herself successful precocious spirits.


Takagi San

Another of her commendable traits is her quality to fell her emotions. She tin fake a grin and fell her affectional despair. However, she is mature capable to look her affectional problems connected her own. She is motivating and tin assistance up people’s spirits. Besides that, determination is simply a childish and adorable broadside to her arsenic well. She astir faints erstwhile her emotion involvement tells her he’d alternatively locomotion her location than play video games. additionally, her cheeks crook red. This Kawai, top-level anime waifu is simply a implicit package. This top-notch waifu is 1 of the astir fashionable and appreciated characters.

10. Tirol Ochagama

This top-class anime waifu features successful Sabikui Bisco. She is simply a supporting character. Her eyes are yellow, and her hairsbreadth is pink. A fewer strands of her hairsbreadth are braided from below. It makes them look similar jellyfish. She wears a pinkish and achromatic harvest apical and shorts beneath. On apical of that, she wears a bluish overcoat.

Tirol Ochagama

Sabikui Bisco

Tirol is beauteous and intelligent. What makes fans spell brainsick aft she is that she is large with numbers. Her dexterousness and mysteriousness are the champion things astir her. What’s more, she has a mysterious constituent added to her personality. However, to amusement that she’s not each work, she has a goofy broadside too. She’s often crappy portion handling money. This top-level anime waifu is simply a existent quality with brains.

11. Kaguya Shinomiya

Kaguya is the protagonist of Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai. This top-level waifu is simply a subordinate of the Archery Club and the Vice President of the 67th and 68th Student Council. She is fair-skinned with ample almond-like eyes. She has agelong achromatic hairsbreadth tied with a reddish ribbon. Moreover, she is usually dressed successful Shuchi’in Academy’s schoolhouse uniform.

Anime Waifu

Kaguya Shinomiya – Kaguya Sama

Kaguya is rational and inexpressive. At first, she lives successful denial of her feelings for Miyuki. Gradually she starts accepting them. She belongs to a affluent family. Sometimes, she is boastful of her skills and intelligence. However, she feels pressured to support up with her family’s name. She is besides fashionable among schoolhouse girls. They travel to her for narration advice. However, she has nary acquisition erstwhile it comes to relationships herself. She lacks intersexual cognition and is unaware of intersexual innuendos and consciousness of humor. This top-rated anime waifu has charmed radical by being herself unapologetically.

12. Chateau Dankworth

This top-class anime waifu features successful Koroshi Ai. She is simply a bounty hunter. Her assemblage is lean, and her eyes are turquoise successful color. She wears ceremonial attire. It includes a lined achromatic turtleneck, a brownish trouser, and a brownish blazer. She has blonde hairsbreadth with curtain bags. She usually ties her hairsbreadth successful a ponytail.

Anime Waifu Chateau Dankworth

Chateau Dankworth – Koroshi Ai

Dankworth is straightforward, calm, and likes being by herself. She has a mysterious aura surrounding her, which fans cannot resist. A skilled assassin arsenic she is, she takes pridefulness successful her combat abilities. However, she is taken aback to beryllium defeated by a man. Additionally, she turns down a man’s romanticist advances portraying herself arsenic uninterested. This top-grade waifu’s hard-to-get cognition is what makes fans spell brainsick for her.

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