What Anime is Anos Voldigoad From?

What Anime is Anos Voldigoad From? Anos, the main character, is the reincarnation of the demon king who begins his travel astatine a schoolhouse called Delsgade that trains aboriginal demon kings. As caller precocious schoolhouse students, Anos and Misha get to cognize each other. However, Anos is much than a emblematic demon. He has the powerfulness to termination and resurrect people. Anos is lone a period aged and has aged himself by utilizing the demon king magic to look similar a teen.

As a effect of this clash, Anos is forced to contend with a fewer royals determined to instrumentality down individuals with almighty magic. Leorg and Zepes are humiliated by their ain weaker magic due to the fact that Anos’ magic is not affected by theirs. The Demon King, Anos, made a woody to sacrifice himself 2000 years ago. The Demon King’s past is greatly changed today. Anos meets the arrogant sister of Misha, Sasha, successful precocious school, who besides happens to beryllium the Fund of Years.

Anos appears to beryllium 1 of those overpowered unbeatable antagonists astatine this constituent since Miha and Sasha are incapable to similar each different precise overmuch for the reasons that were revealed later. Sasha is besides defeated successful the showdown against Anos. Let’s cognize much astir Anos Voldigoad and spot what anime Anos Voldigoad is from?

Who is Anos Voldigoad?

He is simply a almighty demon successful the Magical Age who sacrificed his beingness to disagreement the satellite into 4 parts arsenic helium attends the Demon King Academy to observe what has changed since 2000 years ago. During the Mythical Age, helium was notorious for his cruelty and power.

Anos is the reincarnation of the antheral known arsenic the Demon King of Tyranny 2,000 years ago. He is unwavering, stalwart, and unstoppable. His commanding beingness inspires a level of self-assurance rivaled lone by his ego. Because of his commanding presence, Anos has a affirmative outlook connected beingness and an unbreakable tone of perseverance.

What Anime is Anos Voldigoad From?Anos Voldigoad from The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Despite his rubric arsenic the Demon King, Anos is simply a benignant and caring leader. He is acrophobic astir the well-being of some his household and his followers, and helium rewards loyal followers accordingly. His surroundings whitethorn deliberation he’s cruel, but helium doesn’t judge successful sidesplitting radical for nary reason. Anos is highly protective of his chap followers and subordinates, contempt his denials. Anos has earned the rubric of Demon King contempt his unconventional methods of dealing with his foes. The remainder of the satellite regards him arsenic such, adjacent though helium has ne'er formally claimed the title.

Those who reason him are terrified of the powerfulness helium wields and feels threatened by the specified thought of 1 idiosyncratic wielding specified a title. Even the fable that helium tin animate others to bash thing conscionable by looking astatine them isn’t conscionable a legend. Many radical go hysterical conscionable reasoning astir being controlled by his magical eye.

What Anime is Anos Voldigoad From?

Anos Voldigoad is from “The Misfit of Demon King Academy” anime. It is based connected a Japanese manga bid written and illustrated by Shinji Hashimoto. The communicative focuses connected Tasuku Kasuga, a precocious schoolhouse lad who lacks involvement successful studying and often enjoys hanging retired with his friends, particularly his puerility person Mako.

What Anime is Anos Voldigoad FromAnos Voldigoad From The Misfit of Demon King Academy

One day, Tasuku sees a demon king summon a large, reddish dragon earlier him and is transported to different world. He is told that helium indispensable decision the demon king to instrumentality to his satellite and that the lone mode to bash truthful is to bid to go stronger, earlier going done an arduous rite of passage. He past journeys to the demon king’s fortress to train. The anime bid was produced by the anime workplace Shaft, and directed by Masao Kumaki. The bid was primitively broadcast connected Fuji TV betwixt October 2007 and March 2008.