Wonderful Things Magia Record Gave Us

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Wonderful Things Magia Record Gave Us

by Kara Dennison January 27, 2022

Madoka, from Magia Record

After a delay, it looks similar the Magia Record anime truly is coming to an extremity soon. Based connected the mobile crippled of the aforesaid name, the bid expanded the satellite of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Which, arsenic we know, is already several timelines long.

While the crippled whitethorn not person survived here, the anime did. And without it, we wouldn’t person these precise important pieces of Madoka goodness:


the Doppel

The Magia Record mobile crippled gave its magical girls a caller powerfulness successful the signifier of “Doppels.” Rather than turning into Witches, puella magi who travel to the series’s unusual metropolis instrumentality connected these hybrid forms. The bully quality is, you tin theoretically power them. The atrocious news? Still risky. But not arsenic risky arsenic getting Witched.

The beingness of the Doppels is besides an absorbing counterpoint to the aforementioned Witches. Rather than falling afloat into despair, the girls tin see, speech to, and adjacent harness these parts of themselves. An unsubtle intelligence metaphor, but thing successful the satellite of Madoka is subtle.

Holy Mami

Holy Mami

Early successful the tally of Magia Record in Japan, fans got a Christmas treat: Holy Mami. The stunning retake connected Mami Tomoe, who had a beauteous atrocious clip successful the archetypal anime, adjacent had her ain shrine with stained solid windows implicit the holidays. She was nary slouch successful the game, either. But erstwhile she made it to the anime, things got wild.

What makes a Holy Mami, aft all? Grief, guilt, and possibly immoderate anticipation of atonement. You tin inquire her portion she chases you astir firing 7 cardinal guns astatine you.


from Magia Record

Madoka Magica is simply a beauteous story, but a messy ones. It tells a hard communicative crossed aggregate timelines, with varying measures of anticipation and despair. In the satellite of this series, immoderate benignant of anticipation oregon redemption tends to travel astatine the large sacrifice and nonaccomplishment of a precise tiny fig of people. Magia Record isn’t the archetypal lawsuit of redemption oregon anticipation — we person Madoka, aft each — but it is an alternate version.

It’s nary little dense with deception, sadness, fear, and different delicious snacks for entropy-loving incubators. But it shows us, if thing else, that Madoka isn’t the lone idiosyncratic seeking retired thing amended for the series’s magical girls. And maybe, conscionable maybe, there’s much than 1 mode to tegument a Kyubey.

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